Deciding the Ideal Hosting Package for Your Website

There is an obvious proliferation of hosting services providers- so much so that anyone looking for a hosting package will be spoilt to at leasta dozen options. This abundance is good, because it means the services themselves will be competitive, as will be their pricing. Before you go looking however, you should first address one important question- how much hosting do you need?

Dedicated hosting

The allure of dedicated hosting is undeniable. A server that is yours withal, and with plump resources that are scalable, sounds very tempting. But for a startup that has not learnt to stand on its own two feet, such kind of a hosting solution is simply too much too soon. It is not that it won’t work- it will, and exceptionally well- it’s just that its potential will hardly be explored. The waste is not just with the unspent resources, but the cost of acquiring such hosting too, which won’t be offset by the first dollars your startup brings in.

Shared Hosting

A more modest hosting solution by reputed providers, like, is more befitting. It will reduce the amounts spent on hosting, as you will only get the services you require. Shared hosting is the other alternative.

Free hosting has come a long way. What was laughable as a hosting option at first has grown, however trivially, to be at least worth considering for those who are ambitious enoughbut painfully limited by their budgets. But, its shortcomings are inexcusable for anyone who is serious about their online prospects. The free ads and limited resources you have to live with mean you have to look into the next best solution.

Shared hosting comes in two variants- shared servers, and virtual private servers. Each of them is an attractive option for the entrepreneur looking to spend within reason. As the fate of a startup is unknown, going for shared hosting at first, is reasonable. And as the business grows, your hosting can grow with it. Good hosting providers allow you the option of scaling up, in an easy, convenient way, with minimal interruption to your operations.

VPS costs more obviously because it has better offerings. If you are serious about your start-up or small business website, this should be the hosting package that you should be contemplating on the most. A good provider will offer you unlimited databases, bandwidth and email addresses, together with 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage and an uptime of 99.999%. For a measly $9 a month, this hosting solution basically sells itself. As your website grows, you can increase your storage, and CPU processing speed as well as RAM.There are other things to be considered, like the control panel, customer support, server location and security. But these should come second to the core features.

Also, worth mentioning is the ability to run different business applications on your website. The hosting provider should make this provision at all scales (payable ones at least), to enable you explore the full capacities of your website. E-commerce websites, big or small benefit the most from these. When your resources are very abundant or virtually infinite, then this becomes automatically enabled.

As you wrestle with the different options, ensure that your limitations are not set by your budget, but by the features that you desperately need.