Custom Photo Books

The best way of preserving quality memories of your family and friends is through custom photo books. The photo book is made customarily in the design of a coffee table book or a photo book for a keepsake for all the memories made yearly. Personalizing a photo book for occasions creates unforgettable memories. For example, choosing presents for a friend or family is not an easy task, especially if you intend to make it memorable. If in a hurry to purchase a gift, a custom photo book may show the effort made. Mixbook is the most convenient site to design a custom photo book.

Mixbook eases the use

The most convenient way to pull the custom photo books is by use of Mixbook. It makes the process of creating the photo book easy. It has a design editor that is very powerful and is used to transform all the photos that matter to you in a single photo product. Being able to combine these endless customized designs allows you to come up with beautiful art that reflects a personalized style.

Finding the design that your heart desire in these unique themes and templates in the Mixbook makes it stress-free when creating the custom photo books. The main vision of this is to empower every individual to connect with the photos and tell their original story and express their feelings through art. The mission is to engage people into an easy task of creating the most beautiful and unique custom photo book in the whole world. Mixbook promises to deliver a fantastic product that has never been made before since; it is a unique creation.

custom photo books

Customer service of

Besides the Mixbook offering a wider range of custom photo books, it also has remarkable customer service.

The quality and service

  • Mixbook is faster. Therefore, the projects that are made by the Mixbook tends to arrive faster than those ordered differently.
  • The cover is thick and sturdy to protect the photos from destruction for many years to come
  • The cover image is attractive. The cover display in beautiful colors, nicely printed.
  • Perfect in producing the best version of the photos.
  • It has a flyleaf meant to protect the pages, hence giving the elegant feeling.

Why Use Mixbook?

The online custom photo book editor has attractive and assembled layouts that create beautiful products. The photos that are already on the page can be rearranged or swapped using the same editor. This site also allows you to search for backgrounds using the search tool quickly.

Online editor, also, gives you access to the editing tools and eradicates the software used for photo editing. Manipulation of the images is done by adjusting brightness, saturation, or contrast with dial controls. Effects are also added to the pictures by the use of a drop-down menu that can change the angle, opacity, blur, hue, shadow, or distance of the image.

Mixbook is the only site that allows collaboration on projects. You can add the contributors to participate in your project, thus allowing them to access, add, decorate, and edit photos without a password. Sharing the photos is therefore possible on Facebook, blogs, and websites.

There is a guarantee that mix books offer high quality in all its products. The company provides a money-back guarantee for custom photo books. The books are appealing; they look more professional with clear and sharp images. The Mixbook upload the photos in the original resolution and gives a warning if it has a lower quality for the print. Hence. You can either shrink or replace these photos before processing time, which may take additionally three days.


The Mixbook gives a massive selection of various designs for custom photo books. It makes the process easy without compromising the quality of the custom photo book. Therefore, the end-product being perfect binding and print quality. Offering such gifts may seem small, though they give a big impression. Mixbook gives you an unforgettable experience.