Corporate Event Planning: Your Venue

Are you tasked with organizing a corporate event? One thing you’ll want to prioritize is finding an appropriate location. There are many things to consider when choosing your corporate event venue. Today, we’ll review all aspects of event management from start to finish to ensure your shindig goes off without a hitch.

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events have a lot of moving parts—entertainment, food, speakers, and participants. Here are some tips when preparing for your corporate planning session, meeting, or employee training:

  • Create a list of the things to be done
  • Think of creative ideas to make your corporate event more successful
  • Shortlist at least three venues
  • Make sure you’re talking to the right person when you make rental inquiries—you want someone who has the authority to negotiate
  • Establish good relationships with venue management and staff by treating them like partners
  • Know their policies regarding in-house services and external suppliers
  • Make sure to sign a detailed contract with your chosen provider

Your Venue

Finding a venue for your company gathering can be a tedious process. You have to consider many factors to ensure the success of your event. Here are some things to look for when venue hunting:

· Costs and inclusions

During your inquiry, ask questions related to venue costs like fees for accessories such as tables and chairs. Inquire about their all-inclusive pricing packages to have a better idea of their offerings.

· Capacity and layout

Determine how many guests the venue can accommodate to make sure it meets your requirements. Look at the design to know how your attendees will interact with each other.

· Location

Make sure the venue is accessible to the majority of your participants. Check for the accessibility of road networks and public transportation to facilitate the travel of your guests.

Corporate Event Planning

· Services and facilities

Ask about the facilities and amenities like parking spaces, catering services, sight-seeing tours, and IT support. Determine if you will pay additional fees for them.

· Ambiance or atmosphere

A refreshing environment can inspire guests. Make sure things like the lighting system, furniture style, building architecture, and decorations create a positive aura for your guests.

· Acoustics and AV equipment

The venue should have a good acoustics design for sound clarity. Make sure all attendees can audibly hear your speakers.

· Restrictions and accommodations

Know all restrictions. For instance, consuming alcohol or using outside catering. Inquire whether the venue offers lodging and accommodation.

· Branding and signage

Ask whether they provide signage and marketing opportunities. Also inquire whether they allow decorations like flags, banners, and balloons.

· Venue image

During your search, consider the reputation of the venue. Make sure the management and employees are easy to work with and accommodating. Choose a reputable provider to ensure peace of mind.

Enjoy Your Event

Planning a corporate event is a tedious and stressful task. You need to have a lot of patience and the right negotiation skills to accomplish your job. By using the tips above, you will find the ideal venue for your corporate event like in AQWA.