Conrad Gallagher reveals how to start a restaurant

Starting in the restaurant business cannot be anything less than overwhelming. It can seem like a very daunting task and it can seem like you don’t know where to start from. So here are some pointers Conrad Gallagher suggests might help you.

Get the location and concept pat down first, says Conrad Gallagher

The first thing to do would be to choose the location of your restaurant. Location is very important in this business because unless there is footfall, you are not going to make a success out of it. Too many food places have shut shop because they didn’t choose their location well. So take time out to scout locations and find a place that is busy, has lots of people wanting food to eat and a fewer number of restaurants if possible. The second thing to do is to think about the concept of your place. Are you planning a high end fine dining place or it is a casual food joint you are thinking of? Deciding on the concept is very important as that is going to make or break you. The concept should obviously be decided depending on what your expertise is and what kind of budget you have.


Getting the financing in order is the next step of your venture, says Conrad Gallagher. Without financing, you will not have enough money for employees or rent so get it right in the beginning itself. You may take out a loan from a bank or you may also get private investments. Whatever it is, know how much financing you can get before you get started.


The design of your place should be uppermost on your mind. You may think you have a lot of space, but when you consider that you will have  a commercial kitchen, a walk-in refrigerator, restrooms, waiting area or lobby and a bar, there is really not that much space. So having a proper design is a really important thing because it could make or break your business if people find it too cluttered. It is important to understand that there should be a proper balance and you should always keep in mind the practicality. If your staff finds it hard to work in a cramped space, you will have trouble feeding your guests.

Deciding on the menu

Food tasting and cooking is an integral part of restaurant work and that is why you should hire your manager and chef at least a month before opening date. This will help you decide on the menu and get it printed. The menu should include dishes the chef is comfortable making and has experience in. Also, make sure that the food you are planning will be liked by the local community.


Getting ahead with advertising is important in today’s times. Whether it is leaflets you choose or billboard advertising, make sure you don’t ignore the power of social media. It can be a really effective way of letting people know about your restaurant.

Starting a restaurant can be an exciting thing to do. So make sure that you follow the above tips.