Compassionate and Comprehensive Smile Makeover Dental Treatment in California

Did you know that smiling more often draws people to you? But then, it has to be an attractive smile. How do you achieve your best smile? The primary factor to a good smile is a healthy dental system. A beautiful smile also promotes your confidence and self-esteem. Good oral care, including teeth brushing and dental check-ups, will help you maintain a healthy smile. If you are struggling with low morale due to a lousy smile, there are treatments to improve and restore your smile. Orange Coast Dental Specialty specializes in providing comprehensive dental services to restore your dental health and enhance your smile. To achieve your desired smile makeover in Huntington Beach, California, be sure to call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Orange Coast Dental Specialty offers various dentistry services, including dental implants, prosthodontist, and cosmetic dentistry. Led by a highly experienced dental team, the practice focuses on providing comfortable and patient-centered care to give an exceptional dental experience. The reputable dental practice understands what a good smile means to you, and commits to offering a comprehensive smile makeover treatment to improve your appearance and help you regain confidence. Visit the facility today to achieve your best smile and improve your life quality.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a personalized treatment to address your specific dental needs and aesthetic goals. The experts at Orange Coast Dental Specialty offer treatments for either a partial makeover or complete dental restoration to improve both your smile and overall dental health.

While a smile makeover can range from simple teeth whitening to a complete reconstruction procedure, you can be rest assured your provider will use the latest and most innovative techniques to design a customized smile makeover treatment plan to meet your specific needs and deliver excellent results. In some cases, however, you may be required to undergo various treatments to achieve your desired goal.

What are the treatments involved in a smile makeover?

Depending on your desired results and dental condition, a smile makeover can sometimes involve various dental treatments, including:

    •       Crowns
  •       Veneers
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Cosmetic gum surgery
  •       Onlays
  •       Dental bonding
  •       ClearCorrect

The highly skilled dental team at Orange Coast Dental Specialty uses the latest CEREC technology for crowns and veneers to offer a same-day makeover. They also have the expertise and knowledge to treat every dental need or cosmetic treatment you wish.

What to expect from a smile makeover?

During the consultation, your care provider examines your dental condition, listens to your dental concerns, and gives all the details you need to know about your dental health. Based on your desired results, the dentist provides a personalized treatment plan to transform your smile.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

A smile makeover helps address the following dental issues that may be contributing to your unpleasant smile and appearance:

  •       Gum disease
  •       Missing teeth
  •       Crooked teeth
  •       Tooth decay
  •       Chipped teeth
  •       Cracked teeth
  •       Stained or discolored teeth

To sum up, a smile makeover involves various dental treatments to address your oral condition by restoring your dental health, smile and appearance. At Orange Coast Dental Specialty, the providers offer a detailed smile makeover treatment to bring your smile back, instill your confidence and improve your general life quality. Visit them today to achieve your desired smile and restore your dental health.