Common Questions Asked By the Patients of Obesity

Most of the patients suffering from obesity wonder what the benefits of obesity surgery are. As a guide to the potential patients, there are some of the most frequent questions asked by the patients and benefits of best obesity surgery Sydney are added in this post.

How much weight will I lose after this surgery?

Though, it varies with each patient. Generally, after this surgery patients can lose about 50-60% of the overweight, with a gastric sleeve approximately 70% and with a gastric bypass an 80-85% of excess weight. It is good to mention that the results completely depends largely on the follow-up and discipline of different patient to follow postoperative instructions.

Patients of Obesity

I have diabetes problem, will it improve?

By using any technique you can improve your diabetes mellitus, but the gastric bypass technique is the metabolic surgery which is advised and can achieve total control of this condition (diabetes) in as much as 75% and significant improvement in about 85% of cases.

Will my hypertension condition improve?

This surgery improves the index of hypertension in about 70% -80% and around 60% resolve this condition entirely.

Can this surgery lower my cholesterol and triglycerides levels?

Like hypertension and diabetes this surgery can cure your cholesterol too, hyperlipidaemia significantly improves and cholesterol levels lower in about 80% of cases with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures.

Will this surgery correct my sleep disorders?

After this surgery a remarkable improvement is seen in these types of sleep disorders, up to 90% of patients resolved or improved sleep disorders within the first 44 lbs (20kg) of weight loss. The patient also stops snoring and starts having a completely restful sleep.

I am having problems with my spine, knees and hips; will it improve?

The very first thing you need to do is lose weight, this suggestion will be provided by your orthopedist too and will indicate to substantially lose weight to improve these problem areas. In any case you need it, you should be able to safely perform any orthopedic surgery. Degenerative Joint Disease is improved and/or resolved in about most of the cases.

I have difficulty getting pregnant is it possible to cure this if I undergo bariatric surgery?

Surely, if your gynecologist has diagnosed overweight as the cause of your gynecological problems, this surgery has excellent results in correcting menstrual and hormonal dysfunction and polycystic ovarian syndrome once the excess weight is lost.  All you need to make sure you have the opinion of your gynecologist it is essential to decide the best course of action.

Will I feel better at work?

In various countries the workers are discriminated due to their obesity, it is strange but true. If you are also working under this environment you will definitely improve your relationships in your work area and have greater opportunities for advancement.

These are few of the numerous benefits derived from losing the excess weight. If you, your primary physician and your nutritionist have tried conservative methods and have not achieved positive results, best obesity surgery Sydney is an option.