Introduction of colors to the world has been the most dynamic invention. The purity of expression can be enhanced with its usage. A team of experts in this field can bring out a whole color platter in a building. A vision converted into reality with the help of an artist is the most iconic process. New York city is the place having great architecture and modern designing. This is the city with vibrant colors, the city that has brought a light to the world, a dream city that has been the final destination for many aspirants.

  • CITY’S COLOR FUTURE EXPERTS: The project has been initiated by Janovic Colors NYC with the Benjamin Colors. A team has been made and five buildings would be recreated by them. Their own vision, the reflection of the city through their way of looking at the future New York City would be the main motive of this experiment. The experts which are working together are mainly:
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER: The person who is responsible for designing the whole outlook of the vision provided by the illustrator along with the art director. The actual output of the thoughts over the computer application is designed by the graphic designer. The lead and the actual look of the project in a blueprint is created by him/her.
  • ILLUSTRATOR: The person that would provide the whole illustration of the vision that he/she had about the project. The art can be executed into reality with the help of proper direction received by the expert.
  • ART DIRECTOR: The director is the handler of the art project. He/she is responsible to make the art converted into a proper form that reflects the true sense of the illustrator and the vision of the team altogether.
  • INVESTMENT IN THE MODERN OUTLOOK OF NYC: New York City is the city of colors, too few it is more corporate and to others, it is more fashionable. The upcoming experts of the developed city have come together to share their vision of the future of the city. The expression of the same can be well executed with the Janovic Colors NYC. The various buildings whether historic monuments, corporate house, tallest building, they all have a great impact on the global image of the city.
  • SUMMARIZING THE IMPACT OF THE CITY INTO MODELS: The person who visits the city or lives in the city always remember the same by its infrastructure. A flag represents the city but its building represents its heritage and its present society as well. Reframing it through the vision of the experts that are a part of the team.

The project has been designed with the motive of creating an impactful image of the New York City that would be in the coming decades or century. Colors would refresh the overall picture of the infrastructure. The project would be concluded with the aim of recreating the existing building by renovating it over a model. The maintenance of wear and tear would be a whole new procedure but designing a blueprint for the journey is an important task.