Cloud Token ICO – The Cloud Coin That Will Usher in The Era of Decentralized Cloud Services

Decentralized Cloud Services – Cloud token is offering one of the most promising Initial Coin Offerings of the current year. The company is offering a chance to invest in the future of the distributed cloud services by taking part in the ICO of the cloud token. With robust tech behind the scenes that aims to offer cheap cloud-based services to the masses, the company aims to become the first billion dollar company that aims to use the computing infrastructure available with the masses instead of relying on huge data centers.

The coin’s pre ICO campaign ended on a good note as all basic goals were achieved. Now the company is offering its coins on a discounted rate in the ICO to attract investors from around the world. Since the company is aiming to deploy a network of what they call GridNodes to help deploy their cloud technology around the world, the infrastructure demands are massive.

It is a reason why $300 million target was set which will go on to become the biggest cryptocurrency ICO in the market up to date. To facilitate users from around the world and from different backgrounds, there are number of incentives and discounts are being offered to potential backers. Some of them are:

Cloud Coin backers who have taken part in the ICO or the pre ICO are now eligible to buy cloud services for 50% through their official website Since it is a cloud services company, a majority of the backers are interested in getting their hands on cheap services based on cloud. A taste of the future will be offered to the coin backers with this discount. Bigger and better deals lie in the future as the global network is deployed! The discount is being offered through AWS/Azure services that are currently the most popular cloud server providers in the world.

Even though the coin is expected to hit the altcoin exchanges on 21st September, users can still buy the coin at the same early bird rates on the official coin website. The offer is valid till the coin hits the exchange. It is a way to ensure maximum participation in the coin. The coin is expected to perform really good when it hits the exchange so every penny saved will help you reap really good dividends.

Instead of buying only with Ether (ETH), backers can now use their credit or debit cards directly. The coin is based on the ERC token right now but the company understands that a sizeable portion of the investors couldn’t be crypto buffs so they have introduced this measure. Now buying the cloud tokens has never been easier. You can do it with a couple of clicks!

So, are you ready to invest in the most promising ICO of the year and get access to discounted cloud? You can follow Cloud token’s official website[] and see for yourself!