Clenbuterol: Dose Dependent Effects

It was first used for its medicinal values to combat against the superior respiratory tract infections. But later its usage became prominentin the body muscle development and maintenance of a resilient, fit, well-developed body by athletes and body-builders. It is not a steroid.

Dosages and benefits

The anabolic effects produced by the drug is not based on its interaction with the growth hormone, insulin or testosterone but mainly via its ligand based signaling of beta adrenergic receptors. Sometimes this drug is also known as “repartioning agent” which stands for its mechanism of action for fat mobilization, no accumulation and lysis and also enhancing muscle mass. Clenbuterol has been seen to have dose-dependent effects. The poles-apart action includes muscle growth or myofibril hypertrophy as scientists term it at low doses and at the same time myotoxicity i.e. myocytes or muscle cell death at higher dosage. It does not lead to increase in the number of muscle cells (hyperplasia) at lower dose.

The muscle increase is mechanized by increase in protein synthesis like creatine, insulin and many other muscle proteins. Higher doses leads to desensitization of the adrenergic receptors and leads to fast decrease in response to the drug (tachyphylaxis). It is also reported that this drug leads to increase in brown fat metabolism at higher doses leading to increase in thermogenesis causing heat liberation. This drug has a long half-life and gets accumulated in the body organs, majorly heart. It has been noticed to cause tissue desensitization and necrosis of cardiac cells and other slow-twitching muscles. It also exerts some neuroprotective actions like inhibiting ischemic reperfusion and NMDA receptor excitotoxicity, by inducing increase in Nerve growth factor mRNA expression levels. In an experiment, clenbuterol stimulation has even resulted in augmented expression of neuroactivekynurenic acid. There are dose related side effects too like increased blood pressure, headache, irritation, allergy, tremors, gastric problems, profuse sweating, dizziness etc. These side effects subside easily in about 8-10 days, if the drug is discontinued.

Drug Intake

The exact dosage is decided according to a person’s BMI, his digestive system analysis, his metabolism, diet chart, and what value does he desire from this drug. There are two forms in which this drug can be taken both liquid and tablet. The liquid form can be further divided into syrup and injection mode. However the two modes are not interchangeable. It is difficult to measure the syrup accurately because of the marks on the slot machine. Syrups have high sugar content in them, so this may interfere with its metabolism, especially if any patient is allergic to high sugar or have diabetes. Injectable form can cause uneasiness, nausea if swallowed. The liquid form is more appropriate than tablets for fast and real intake as it gets dissolved in the bloodstream quicker than the tablets. The half-life of this drug is about 25 hours but it may last up to 48hours in the body. Less dosage is required when taking Intravenous injection as and when compared to liquid syrup or tablet. The drug’s release is slow in the abdomen (more persistent in the tablet than liquid). To make sure that the dose-dependent effects of Clenbuterol are consistent, it is advised to team it up with balanced diet and heavy water intake.