Choosing The Right Bed: Things You Should Consider

Finding a new single mattress is not as easy as most people think. There are plenty of considerations to make based on several things. These include material composition and price. Several other factors need extensive product research. With hundreds of brands and retailers available across the globe, this is not an easy task at all. This essential guide will help you choose the right mattress to buy.

Mattress lifespan

It is common for people to change their beds once every few years. There is no problem with that if you can afford it. Buying a mattress is not a small investment, and it is not practical to buy a new one now and then. It is vital to determine whether you need a new one or not. The majority needs a new mattress every seven years or so. It depends on the quality and material of the bed and how you take care of it.

Latex, memory foam, and hybrid beds are the top choices. These often last for ten years or more. It would be best if you changed airbeds every about seven years. Waterbed, innerspring, and pillowtop beds are good for up to seven years or less.

Single Mattress Australia


An expensive mattress does not always have excellent quality. Most stores offer beds for several thousand dollars each. It is more practical if you choose to buy a Single Mattress Australia online. The same item can range from about five hundred to a little more than a thousand dollars. Most online shops have special promos you can take advantage of, too.

Although it is great to be able to save money, do not always settle with the cheapest option you find. Never compromise quality by buying a very affordable mattress.

Type and material

This consideration depends on your personal preference more than anything.

Innerspring or coils

This traditional form of mattress is becoming out of style and obsolete. It is the most affordable option, but the comfort it offers is worse compared to others. Many people still choose innerspring because it lasts for decades and is durable. This style of bed has an ample amount of space between the springs allowing for the most circulation of air. The flow keeps the temperature down for a more peaceful night’s sleep.


People prefer latex because it offers outstanding cooling and comfort. It has good bounce and responsiveness. You do not get an off-gassing and horrible smell from latex, unlike memory foam products. There are two types of latex mattresses, natural and synthetic.

Memory foam

The appeal of this type is undeniable because it conforms to every inch of the body pressed into it. It provides total superior comfort and support for the whole body. People often end up with better sleep when they use memory foam mattresses.