Choosing the best and the most professional advertising firm

Advertising – the first impression of the company. Outdoor advertising is a powerful tool for influencing the audience. Therefore, in order for the impression to be positive, it is necessary to carefully design the design of outdoor advertising. To order the design of outdoor advertising, please contact the branding agency KOLORO. We know what kind of design consumers like. You can always choose various advertising services from

Development of outdoor advertising: stages

Idea it is from this stage that the production of outdoor advertising begins. The main idea of ​​advertising determines its character. It can be rational (a story about the benefits of the product) and emotional (visual perception causes different feelings).Before developing a design, it is necessary to clearly understand what you expect to get from advertising: increase turnover, distribution points, geography, crush a competitor? In order for the advertising to work, an analysis of the target audience and analysis of the sales market segment are also needed. Studies will give an idea of ​​the market and prompt the tools necessary to create a high-quality advertising product.

outdoor advertising stages

The various aspects of the designing development

At this stage, work with color, composition, layout of all parts, development of fonts, working with graphic elements, computer design takes place. At this stage, all the elements are placed in their places, taking into account the size of the future design and the distance of the image from the viewer. These nuances are also taken into account when choosing a device for printing.At the last stage, the customer is provided with a file with ready-made options, from which he selects the best one, and if necessary we make adjustments.Nowadays, it is impossible not to agree with the statement that high-quality outdoor advertising is the key to your successful business promotion. After all, every company that is going to declare itself as a serious player goes through a difficult way of choosing the most effective type of advertising.

How to choose a suitable outdoor advertising?

The streets of our cities are literally filled with a huge number of advertising structures. If you take a good look, you can conclude that this or that ad is not working at full capacity. How to make yours break out of the crowd and attract new customer flows by 100%? The following aspects are important for this:on advertising banners it is necessary to use extremely large types of fonts that will be easy to read both close and distant;the color of the advertising sign should not blend with the color of the building / wall on which it will be located. It is very important that the sign stylistically fit into the place where it will be placed.