Choice of a gynaecologist

The moment you are pregnant the first thing on top of your mind is to have a healthy pregnancy and choose the best gynecology doctors in India. It is going to take some time, but a little bit of research is worth so that you are comfortable with the person whom you choose. You need to understand that a gynaecologist is the person who is going to help you with the delivery. Let us now explore some tips which would be of immense help.

Do they have a good reputation?

There is no harm in having prescribed standards in the choice of a gynaecologist. The reason for it is that they are privy to some of the precious aspects of your life. You can get the ball rolling by understanding more about the hospital they are affiliated to. This would give you an idea about the credentials of the doctor and which hospital there is practicing currently. Their experience along with expertise could be figured out as well.

How easy is to get in touch with them?

You are likely to meet your gynaecologist on a regular basis and this is going to be all the more during the last stages of pregnancy where there is a big baby hump. Before you settle on it see to it how accessible there are.

Also think how long you need to travel to meet a doctor. If it is on your way to work then you could get in touch with them before or after office hours. Ideally it should not be too far away from your home so that during the time of delivery you would not have to travel a lot.

It is not the distance; try to figure out how accessible the doctor is. You might have lot of questions and she needs to answer you.

The charges of the doctor?

Your decision to settle down with a doctor is dependent on their charges. Though there is going to be some difference when it comes to consultation charges, but when it comes to the delivery costs it is more or less the same.

If it happens that the gynaecologist is an obstetrician then do find out their charges as well. All the doctors who are part of a single hospital tend to have the same charges. On the other hand if a doctor has their own clinic you might notice that the delivery charges are bound to be on the lesser side.

As far as insurance is concerned it is going to cover the hospital charges and the cost of tests along with other expenses is not taken care of. A point to be noted is that insurance companies do not cover all hospitals. Do check whether your insurance policy covers the hospital where you are being admitted.

The moment you are hospitalised there is an upper limit on the amount that could be reimbursed. Do check out the upper limit so that both the patient and the doctor are on the same page.