Champion Radiators and Conversion Radiators

Champion Radiators has long offered high-quality, affordable automotive radiators, fans, shrouds, overflow tanks, radiator hoses, coolant filters and other cooling accessories. Champion’s selection of radiators ranges from universal radiators that fit a broad range of vehicles and American Eagle OEM replacement radiators to dual pass/LS conversion radiators. But what exactly the difference between a standard Champion radiator and a dual pass/LS conversion radiator?

Unlike other types of radiators, dual pass conversion radiators do exactly what it sounds like: pass the coolant twice across the radiator to achieve a maximum level of cooling. Essentially, a dual pass radiator is constructed such that the core tubing snakes back and forth across the length of the radiator twice, giving the coolant two opportunities to remove heat from the system.

Because of a dual pass conversion radiator’s increased cooling capacity, such systems are often preferable in racing applications where the possibility of overheating the engine is a common concern. When it comes to street vehicles, a dual pass conversion radiator offers an efficient cooling system that reduces the risk of vehicle malfunctions due to heat and cooling concerns.

Champion radiators offers dual pass LS conversion radiators for a variety of vehicle makes, including Buick, Chevy (cars and pickup trucks), Ford, GMC Oldsmobile and Pontiac, as well as a variety of models from each manufacturer. All Champion Radiators cooling systems are made from aluminum for a lightweight construction, and feature a core of 5/8″ tubing in 3 rows for optimal coolant flow. All seams are welded, and no epoxy is ever used in manufacturing. Most radiators are also customizable, offering add-ons like additional billet outlets, aluminum overflow tanks, radiator and/or fan shroud polishing, thermostat/relay kits and more.

Whether you’re looking to replace the radiator in a street or race car, a Champion dual pass LS conversion radiator offers reliable cooling capacity for vehicles ranging anywhere from 600 to over 800 horsepower. Plus, all Champion-manufactured cooling system purchases are covered by a lifetime warranty that includes any and all manufacturer defects that may cause problems during normal use and/or service (standard wear and tear, however, is not covered). As such, any parts that need replacing will be replaced free of charge (with proof of purchase), so long as the reason does not include collision damage, improper installation, unusual modifications or other damage sustained during activities outside of the intended use.