Ceramic Tile and Stone Installation

Why the pros of House Renovations strongly recommend using tile and stone for your bathroom or shower installation? These durable materials bring a touch of beauty and value, elegance and class, easy care and appealing atmosphere to your home. Ceramic tile and stone is available in an innumerable number of colours, designs and patterns. Why is it the best timeless option for potential areas of moisture and mess?

Hygienic,stain proof and easy to clean

They are easier for maintenance than paint or wallpaper due to the range of finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy and matt. Ceramic tiles and stones are highly resistant to abrasive chemicals and cleaners, which makes them easy to keep clean. Unlike other wall coverings, tile and stone will not absorb or retain stains, if you splash water, oil, toothpaste or even paint on lthe wall, it can be cleaned with a simple wipe.

Fade Resistance and Longevity

Even with continuous exposure to the sun, ceramic tiles and stones do not lose colour or fade. The same appearance plus minimal care is the motto of these products. They are durable and you do not have to worry that they crack, fade or break under pressure.

Moisture Resistance

It is ideal product for damp environments due to their resistance to moisture and humidity. Installing ceramic tile in your shower you do not have to worry it swells or deforms when exposed to high levels of moisture.

Fire Proofness and Odour Resistance

Neither frost nor fire could spoil the look of your bathroom. Ceramic tiles and stone are resistant to extremes of temperature. These materials are highly safe for any bathroom or shower installations. They do not absorb smells.


Ceramic tile and stone is made in an environmentally friendly process as they are obtained from the earth. They are totally free of fumes or toxins unlike some types of paint that emit VOCs. It is completely safe to use tile and stone for bathroom or shower installation.

Mold and Fungus Resistance

The resistance to mold, bacteria and fungi of tile and stone keeps toxins and bacteria from developing on your bathroom walls.


Bathroom wall tile installation initially may cost you a fortune; however, considering its longevity, durability and attractiveness, the cost is worth it. Installing ceramic tile in your shower or bathroom will let you not to worry about repainting or redoing it every few years.