Cargo Vans Increase Efficiency for Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery, the final segment of the sales process when products are delivered to the consumer, is a critical stage for any small business, and can also be the most problematic. Of all the methods of transportation that can help your delivery business master this stage efficiently, a cargo van upfit is the best option. The right cargo van can greatly enhance the productivity of your business while reducing intermodal delivery costs. Here are five ways a cargo van can increase your company’s efficiency:

Multiple Configuration Options

Most van models offer various configuration options. For example, the Ram ProMaster offers two roof heights, two wheelbase options, with 15 available configurations. Meanwhile, the Ford Transit offers three roof heights, two wheelbase options, with 48 available configurations. This virtually offers an unlimited number of options for configuring cargo space to suit any need. It also lets a business start with a small cargo van and slowly grow their fleet without a large capital expense or sacrificing productivity.

Cargo Vans Upfit to Meet Any Need

With the ability to customize your cargo van upfit, any specific need for deliveries can be taken care of. Some options include:

  • Cold storage capabilities
  • Tie-downs
  • Locked cabinets and bins
  • Custom shelving, and much more

Fuel Efficient

Cargo vans offer various fuel options and can help keep transportation costs under control. For instance, the Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit both offer gas and diesel options, and the Ford Transit also offers a CNG/propane engine option, giving it great fuel versatility.

Smart Safety Features Enable Better Handling of Cargo and Reduce Worker Injuries

Heavy and bulky cargo items can make deliveries difficult, leading to worker injuries, workers’ compensation claims and damaged goods. And features such as lift gates with an inlay ramp offered only by FR Conversions, can improve handling and reduce worker injuries during the loading and unloading of cargo when most injuries occur.

A Crew Cab in Addition to More Than Adequate Cargo

Offered only by FR Conversions, your cargo van can be equipped with a crew cab to offer transportation for crew members to ride along with your cargo. This is an ideal option for companies that deliver furniture, appliances and other goods that require additional crew members. This eliminates the need to schedule additional resources improving productivity productivity, with significant fuel savings not to mention an increase in customer satisfaction.

Fleet Management Allows You to Effectively Plan and Oversee Routes

Using fleet management software can help businesses track many factors affecting last-mile delivery, including:

  • Vehicle running costs
  • Driver overtime
  • Number of stops completed
  • Quality of routes
  • Loading priority
  • Delivery time windows
  • Efficiency of individual drivers
  • Address accuracy

Fleet management can also help you decide if you should grow your fleet, reduce your fleet, or outsource some tasks. It can be managed by optional GPS and logistics software.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Operation

When analyzing which tactics to implement for maximum efficiency and productivity, you should consider investing in a cargo van fleet. A cargo van will offer multiple configurations and upfitting options for maximum customization, keep fuel and transportation costs down, promote safe handling of cargo, decrease and prevent worker injuries, and aid in the management of both workers and routes.