Career Options for Creative Minds

When deciding upon a career, the creative thinkers among us are faced with a challenge that those who don’t have that innovation gene are not. Do we aim for one of the few careers out there where we can flex our creative muscles, or do we simply use our creativity for hobbies and opt for a more ‘standard’ type of career choice.

I’ve always believed that if you truly want a career that you love then you should pick a profession that you will not only be good at, but also love dearly. With that in mind then, as a creative thinker you should aim to utilize that characteristic in your career and here are some of the best careers in which you can do so.


For creative and analytical thinkers, a career in engineering is a great choice for you, you will be able to use your innovative skills as part of teams that design and create everything that you see around you. There are several different branches to enter into so if you have a passion for something else like computing, chemistry or construction then you can specialize in these areas. The career itself is incredibly rewarding and people like V. Reddy Kancharla offer a perfect example of how you can find real success in this industry and become a leader in the field.



Chefs work hard and for long hours but if you have a passion for food then this is the perfect career to be creative, blending flavors and colors on a plate is a skill that not everyone possesses and after some difficult training, you can find yourself working in a restaurant doing exactly that. The job pays relatively well and if you can attain the position of head chef then you will not only be able to create your own menu but also earn a very good salary.

Hair Stylist 

Some people define success as the wages that you earn, the thing is however that many who earn huge cheques, don’t like what they do. For those reasons, entering into a field such as a hair stylist is the perfect way to find a job that you love, even if the wages aren’t always brilliant. There are ways to financial success as a hair stylist, especially if you can get work in the TV and film industry. This job is the perfect way for a creative mind to run free and can be very rewarding when you see the looks on your clients’ faces.


Whether you wish to be a journalist, an author, a ghostwriter or a copywriter, the internet has opened up thousands of new opportunities for budding writers. Pretty much anyone with an internet connection can now be a writer and there is lots of freelance work available for you. If you want a job in journalism then majoring in journalism will obviously help you a great deal, you can also get your name out there by writing online and gaining an audience. It really never has been easier to embark on a career in writing than it is right now.