Better Opportunities for the Perfect Flush Fitment Blinds for You

When it comes to decorating your interior or office choosing your future blinds can often become a real headache. It gives you the best advice to choose the best solution that suits your desires and your style. Depending on your needs, choose the best.

The Interior Blind That Suits You

A blind to preserve your privacy

We recommend the awning for its wide choice of materials and colors and its warm side, the roller blind for its modernity and practicality, the pleated blind for its technical performance and originality or the Japanese panel to bring a touch of elegance to your interior or separate parts.

The Venetian wood blind to modulate the light throughout the day

A blind to preserve your privacy but also modulate the light throughout the day and seasons

The expert recommend the Venetian blind or the Californian blind (also called vertical blinds) for their New York loft spirit, the select roller blind or Select Night & Day for their practical and original side and the Japanese panel that we can open panel by panel according to the desired light.

Flush Fitment Blinds

A shade to protect you from the light

You want to be able to benefit from a dark room whether in a room, a meeting room to project powerpoint presentations or others, a dormitory for children? Roller blinds or pleated blinds are perfect, just combine them with an opaque or semi-opaque fabric depending on the desired brightness level.

A blind to regulate the temperature of your home

Parts of your house are facing south or you have large windows that let in light and heat? The winter is nice but as soon as the warm weather arrives it’s the heat wave! With the pleated blind and its technical fabric, the roller blind and its insulating fabric or the conservatory awning, specially adapted for veranda roofs, you will protect your house from the sun. For the Flush Fitment Blinds this is the best deal.

Depending On the Specificities of Your Windows, Choose the Appropriate Awning

For roof windows, go to our Roll’n Roll roller blind. The teams place them directly on your windows using an innovative clip system. Depending on your needs (sun protection, privacy), choose the appropriate fabric, from light to dark.

A blind adapted to large windows

For large windows, we recommend the extra roller blind specially designed for large windows. You can also opt for pleated blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds (known as Californian blinds) or Japanese panels that offer XXL sizes.

A store adapted to companies

In the company to limit the problems related to the glare on the computer screens, to answer to the increase of the open space and thus of the large windows and to limit the use of the air-conditioning during the summer, many blinds can help to answer these requirements. Thanks to the venetian blind, say goodbye to glare problems. For a chic and warm atmosphere, wood venetian blinds are ideal. For a sober and professional style, turn to vertical blinds. For meeting rooms and especially when using the projectors, the roller blind or the pleated blind with opaque fabrics will fully satisfy you.