Best Used Mercedes-Benz for All Budget Levels

Mercedes-Benz cars are some of the most popular cars around the globe. Their design is sleek, their performance is one of the best, and they retain tremendous value. Another remarkable thing about Mercedes Benz is that the company makes models that fit all the different budget levels. This is all achieved while staying true to the German engineering quality that has been loved for years. Whether it be a coupe, sedan, SUV or convertible, Sandown has a Mercedes Benz that fits your budget and your lifestyle. The high budget will be between £80,000 and £120,000; the medium budget will be £45,000 and £79,999; the low budget will be £44,999 and below.

Low Budget

Mercedes-Benz GLC

The GLC has the same classic Mercedes feel, just in a little bigger package. The company fulfilled the SUV part quite nicely. The suspension is very strong and has the capability to tow without too much of a struggle. The interior is gorgeous, and the sports trim adds an extra nice touch. Another highlight of the vehicle is the great fuel economy. This SUV is perfect for a family who takes their fair share of trips.

Medium Budget

Mercedes-Benz C Class AMG C63

The C Class is one of the safest cars Mercedes-Benz has. The C63, the most powerful C-class Mercedes offers, goes from 0 to 100 km/hr in less than five seconds. The driver-assist included in the vehicle add to its safety. Using radar, ultrasound, and a stereo camera, it can see what is happening on the road, thus allowing some ease when you are behind the wheel of something so powerful. It can manoeuvre out of any vehicle, person, or any other object in the way. The AMG C63 is great for someone’s who wants power but also wants to have top-of-the-line features.

High Budget

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

This beast of a vehicle is popular for its astounding design and powerful engine. The twin-turbo, 469 bhp V8 engine packs a punch and really allows you to feel the acceleration when taking off. The engine being in the rear definitely gives a unique driving feel, but like many things, it is easy to get used to. The vehicles cabin provides its unique low position, almost like you are on the floor. With a small car, there will, of course, be less space, but it is enough for you to be able to control the vehicle without worrying about your comfort. The sleek design and powerful engine in this car will have you feeling like a race car driver.

Mercedes-Benz Has a Car for All Types of Drivers

The three vehicles that were selected are only a brief representation of all the diverse types of cars Mercedes-Benz has to offer. A wonderful thing about their models is that they generally have the option to have almost all the engine types in any car, rather than having to buy the top of the line supercar. The quality of Mercedes allows the value to stay up, so it is wise to purchase a Mercedes used car. Who knows, maybe a Mercedes may be in your garage sooner than later.