Benefits of Video Door Phones

Most people are aware of the increase in security risk in urban cities in recent times. The rapidly increasing crime rate is a big cause of concern for both government and citizens. While the government is trying hard to control the spiralling crime index, even citizens have started deploying and implementing their own Electronic security system to purge the menace of criminals and their gangs. One of the best devices to deter criminals is a video door phone. The benefits of a video door phone are many and we have illustrated some of them below:

1) Easy and convenient to use

Modern video phones can be installed in any part of the house, whether it is a bedroom, kitchen or a bathroom. So when somebody rings, you can respond to him from your bed. Also, it is very beneficial to senior citizens who can’t move much as they can reply while laying from the comfort of their bed.

2) You can check before allowing anyone to enter your home or office

It is always wise to check the credentials of the person on the other side of the door before allowing them to enter your home. When a stranger comes it’s hard to judge his intentions, here a video door phone can be of great help. Through a video door phone, you can ask him about where he has come from and his references. This way you can decide to allow or disallow the person into your premises.

3) Very useful for children and senior citizens

While most young people go to offices in the morning and return at night, senior citizens and children spend their majority of the time at home. In the afternoon when the streets are generally empty, households are most vulnerable to thieves. But with the help of video door phones, even a child who is alone in the house can check the credentials of the person waiting outside and act accordingly.

4) Very easy to install

The new generation of video door phone comes with advanced technology and doesn’t require a complex set of wires and cables to work. These Electronic security systems are mostly wireless and very easy to install. The complete installation of a video door phone in a home setup can be accomplished in less than 4 hrs. Although a wireless setup can be little costly compared to a wired setup.

5) Durability

Most branded video door phones are very durable and easy to maintain. Some cameras come with a three-year warranty. Weatherproof cameras even work in the rain and extreme heat. The cameras require minimal maintenance. Just clean the camera lens once a month with a soft cotton cloth and it is good to go.

While many people still have doubts regarding the video door phone’s applicability and affordability, we are sure once you install it you would be very happy with your decision. This is because the peace of mind this Electronic security system provides is unparalleled.