Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

You may have heard about sleep dentistry. In sleep dentistry procedures, the dentist sedates you, so you do not have to deal with the fear you associate with dental procedures. It often comes in handy when treating patients with severe anxiety during dental treatments. The dentist can administer sedatives at different levels to help you feel more relaxed throughout the treatment. After completing the procedure, you will hardly remember anything about it. Many people choose not to see a dentist because of their fear of dental procedures. You can manage your worries and get the treatments you need by finding a dentist practicing sleep dentistry in Encino.

What Benefits Does Sleep Dentistry Offer?

Sleep dentistry allows people with a great fear of dental treatments to get the dental care they need. Relaxation happens to be one of its most significant benefits since you cannot feel or experience any form of fear while sedated. Many people who need dental treatment choose not to see a dentist due to a dental phobia. Sleep dentistry can help you feel more relaxed and eliminate your stress and fear.

Below are some benefits of sleep dentistry:

  • More Comfort

If you had a choice, you probably would not go to a dentist. Dental visits involve some treatments that can keep you turning in your seat due to discomfort and fear. With sleep dentistry, the dentist administers sedation to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. For instance, if you have TMJ, you can hardly keep your jaw open for a long time, making it hard for a dentist to treat you effectively. The sedation administered in sleep dentistry makes it easier to open your jaw without causing any pain or discomfort.

  • More Control Over Movement

Some dental conditions can cause involuntary movement. You can deal with this by visiting a dentist practicing sleep dentistry. If you constantly have to twist, turn, or move around in your seat, you will only make it harder for your dentist to treat your condition. With sedation, your movements stop, and you sit still. As a result, the dentist will have ample time administering treatment.

  • Reduced Gag Reflex

Naturally, you may have a normal gag reflex. However, it becomes a problem if it makes it hard to sit through a lengthy dental procedure. The problem can become even more severe if you have anxiety when visiting a dentist. When sedated, you have more control over the reflex, so you can comfortably get through long treatments. If you develop a strong urge to throw up during a dental procedure, you would likely feel more comfortable and in control with sleep dentistry.

Other Benefits

You may want to remain asleep when receiving dental treatment because you do not want to remember the procedure. Sedation makes it easier for you to forget, which you can benefit from if you become uneasy during dental treatment. It also helps if you have a phobia of dentists.

To summarize, sleep dentistry is where a dentist sedates you during a dental procedure. It offers many different advantages, including an increased level of treatment, more control over movement, and reduced gag reflex.