Being Ms. Fix it

Fixing things around the house is not a man’s job anymore. Every day from changing a flat tire to fixing a leaky pipe we encounter a lot of things that we need to handle yourself. Hiring someone to do it can be costly and sometimes if not supervised then the repairman could pull off a lazy job that at the end of the day you would have to pay for. Sometimes help/assistance won’t be there and you must deal with it yourself. So why not prepare yourself for it?

It is a social stereotype that men handles all the hard work and fixing of machinery and devices while women handle the soft and delicate work at home. Well not anymore! Women are born multi-taskers especially if you are a working mother or a single parent raising a couple of kids on your own. You can’t depend on your neighbours or friends to do the fixing part there is always a limit to how far a helping hand reaches out.

First things first. Gain a proper knowledge regarding your day to day functions and the things you use for them. Look at how it works, observe how it’s fixed to the other thing and read the instructions manual well before you start using a new device. Don’t throw them away or hide it in places you can’t even remember. Keep them all in a small box so that the moment something goes wrong with it you can refer the manuals.

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Observe how others do it. Ask them questions. See how they fix it and learn from them. Never feel stupid to ask them questions. Learning something you don’t know is never a shame. Do through those self-help books. Keep a couple of them handy where you can access them (even an e-book on your smart phone would do).

A satisfactory knowledge of the different types of equipment that could come in handy in different circumstances. It could be the different types of fasteners in Brisbane used in different occasions (you don’t have to memorize the names it is not a test, you just have a brief idea of how they look like and where they are useful). Do a little internet research. Watch you tube videos (make it as much as possible a non-chore to learn it.) Develop a little interest in these type of things and it is sure goes a long way.

Try it out. Experiment with various tools and get used to it. When you start off it can be slow work and you might make more of a mess than you had by the time you started it. Its ok, that’s how everyone learns and NASA didn’t send people out to space the first time they tried either. So take your time. You might even like it and take it up as a hobby or even a profession, you never know.