Bangles or Rings: Which goes best with a Lehenga?

Bridal lehengas have been around for a long time. However, with newer jewelry designs coming up in the market, the millennial brides are no longer sticking to the conventional norms and are experimenting with more contemporary designs. Some of these designs, once considered almost culturally inappropriate, are now slowly becoming mainstream. Diamonds, rose gold and crystals are currently the going favorites in the market, and are becoming more popular with the new-age brides who wish to ramp up their “oomph” factor.

One of the most discussed trends in the wedding scene is that of wearing jewelry which are completely at a contrast with the bridal lehenga. The more obvious the contrast, the better. For example, a dark blue necklace with a simple lehenga will make for a bold fashion statement. The mix of traditional jewelry and contemporary outfits or vice versa are also catching eyes. Multi-colored stones have become immensely popular and accepted for they give a regal look.

While there are a number of accessories to choose from, there is no absolutely contest between the bangle and the ring: they are both culturally important items and can in no way be excluded. However, that shouldn’t (and hasn’t) stopped the new age brides from trying out newer designs.

  1. Bangles: While the color of the bangle depends upon one’s religious background, it is perfectly fine for the bride to try out new combinations. A number of pictures will be featuring the bride’s hands, and that is where bangles come in: one could go with bangles which stand out in contrast from the bridal outfit/ lehenga; or could even mix it up a little with different shades and colors. If nothing works, one could also opt for bracelets and cuffs. The latest trend, not just in the bridal scene, is the gold bangle in 10 grams. This is because they are not only made for a great choice during festive occasions, but are also suitable for daily use. They come in various designs: round bead, single diamond, floral, curvy and the evergreen plain bangles.
  2. Rings: They can never go out of fashion, mainly because they have become such an important part of cultures all over the world. In the past one year, there has been a marked shift towards avant-garde designs. “Anything Goes” has become the mantra of the clients and their designers, with unusual stones and cuts becoming common in the marriage circuit. One could consider opting for 3 gram gold rings, which are versatile in nature and can be paired with lehengas of any color. They also come in unusual shapes, different colored stones, and innovative settings. This trend comes at a time when jewelry is beginning to be considered an expression (and extension) of oneself. The ring worn must be a reflection of the personality of the wearer.

With gold jewelry price rising, it is important that each piece of jewelry be worth the investment. These cues should be useful in getting the perfect bridal lehenga look.