Australian policy makers to help poor families with dental care treatment

Mouth is an important part of the body, but when it comes to oral health, people ignore it until they start experiencing pain. Mouth and teeth often get the last preference.

Ignoring oral health can cause serious problems after a certain number of months. People ignore a toothache, but later, this simple issue turns into tooth decay, gum diseases, and triggers immense pain. Ignoring tooth decay can result in oral cancer as well. But, why do people prefer to ignore oral health?

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare conducted a study back in 2013 in order to find out the reasons that keep people away from dentists. Results were astonishing. As many as 44 percent of the respondents said they do not go for dental treatment at private dental clinics simply because they cannot afford the same.

Dental treatment remains unaffordable in most of the cities. There is no restriction or regulation as far as charges and fees for dental treatment are concerned. Dentists are free to charge as much as they desire. Thus, even routine dental check up can prove to be an expensive affair for people.

Public sector dental clinics need urgent attention from policy makers

Mostly, public dental care centers are run by dental students. People with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, pensioner card, health care card and children who are below the age of 13 can get treatment for uncomplicated issues. There are subsidy schemes available for children from poor families as well. They can use this scheme to get financial benefits for carrying out treatment at private clinic.

Waiting time at public sector dentistry is often so long that waiting does not make sense. Such clinics are limited, much lesser compared to the population.

Government health care-Medicare-service’s website clearly suggests that it does not offer cover even for simple dental issues like dentures, extractions, fillings, cleanings and other basic dental care procedures. It’s time for federal as well as state governments to recognize the importance of dental care and design their policies to help people with the same.

A considerable part of the population can suffer from social stigma and poorer diet during the next few years if the government fails to act on time. Even at present, it won’t be wrong to say that the condition of mouth can reveal a person’s financial condition.

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