Artificial Intelligence And Data Analysis By Tom Colton

Artificial Intelligence generally refers to the creation of intelligent machines that work exactly like human beings. Some of the machines designed with artificial intelligence include speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. Research related to artificial intelligence is technical and specific in nature.

According to Tom Colton , entrepreneurship is a perfect way to lead any nation towards progress. Certain countries like Ireland hardly adopt any latest technologies. Today, most of the companies have started taking the benefit of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence uses maximum data. Any one logging on to the bank for online transactions must first ensure that the site is secure and none of their personal information will be leaked.

The website security is identified by “HTTPS” i.e. websites with https at the beginning are considered as secure, which means data entered in that website cannot be used by any other user. This saves the data from being hacked by fraud phishing companies.

Along with these, there are also computer machines that play games with the human beings. Some of the computer machine games include Chess, checker and poker games. Precise information is given to the machines so that they can work as humans do.

Artificial Intelligence And Data Analysis By Tom Colton

Tom Colton on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis:

With the use of artificial intelligence, repetitive tasks are eliminated. Sharing updates on social media boosts artificial intelligence, providing advertisements based on the search, suggesting products based on the users’ preferences etc are the pros of this new technology.

For example, if anyone is searching for a cuisine in Northern Irish, next time the results matching this preference will be available first. There are targeted products, targeted news based on what people are searching on the internet.

For example, a person searching for branded clothes will get advertisements related to branded clothes, latest news will be shown related to branded clothes. This is advantage of using artificial intelligence systems that make machines much more intelligent than human beings.

Human beings cannot predict what one likes but these systems can as the search data is saved and based on frequent searches, machines understand what the users want. As a result, search results are displayed based on that saved data of a particular user.

According to a survey, this would improve the global economy by the year 2035. Unnecessary court cases will be reduced with the use of this system. This helps police people a lot as they can study the crime impact easily.

Disaster management companies also use this technology to make predictions about weather management.

How it helps business?

With artificial intelligence and data analysis, a business owner will be easily able to understand consumer psychology, their likes, dislikes preferences, etc. Consumer’s behavioral pattern can be understood easily.

This otherwise would be difficult. Honesty and transparency is always maintained and there arises an ethical framework where no illegal tasks are tolerated. Tom Colton feels that this will bring fairness in the business.

Privacy and trust issues will be clearly addressed with artificial intelligence to have a better product. In simple terms, Artificial intelligence serves as a medium between companies and their clients to deliver the best results and complete satisfaction.