Apply for Canada visitor visa from India

Canada is known for its natural beauty, it has the mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests which make it extraordinarily beautiful and also different worldwide. The cities in Canada are clean, safe, friendly and quite multicultural; here one would find people from all around the world studying, staying and working here. It is an adventurous place and has something for everyone to do; it also has some amazingly beautiful natural attractions in the world like the Canadian rocky mountain, Niagara Falls, Cabot trail and many more. A lot of Indians visit Canada every year so if you are also one of them then you can apply visitor visa for Canada from India.

Once you are sure about visiting Canada then you must know that there are a few basic requirements that one needs to fulfil for acceptance of Canada visitor visa application from India.

Basic requirements

  • One should have a valid passport and all the required documents
  • A person should be in good health
  • Should be of a good moral character
  • A person should be able to convince the immigration officer that a person has family, property and assets that would be like an incentive for returning back to India.
  • The person applying for the visa should be able to convince the immigration officer that he/she would leave the country once the visa expires.
  • A person should be financial sound and should have sufficient funds to support one while staying in Canada.

One can apply for the Canadian visitor visa offline by taking out a print out of all the forms and signing it where required; it can also be filled online.

Documents for Canada tourist visa

While submitting the application it is also important to submit a few documents that are quite important for this you can also see the checklist. The documents needed are as follows:

  • Cover letter- Where one should mention the purpose of stay, duration of stay, place where one is planning to stay, way of managing the expenses, invitation letter and travel history of one has visited any other country in the past.
  • Bank statement of 6 months
  • Payslips in case you are employed
  • Details of asset in case you are planning to stay for more than 3 months like property details, fixed deposit etc.

In addition to these documents one also needs a waiver form and VFS consent form.  India has nine visa centres so Indians can apply from any of these centres. One can also submit on behalf of their parents or relatives and one can also courier the documents or send it through the travel agents in case there is no VFS centre.  The fee is as follows; the visa fee is 4950 INR, service charge is 726 INR, courier fee is 351 INR.

So those interested in travelling to Canada from India should  keep in mind the above mentioned details and they should apply on time.