Andrew Corbman – Why Every One Needs to go Traveling

If you have never been traveling before then this is a call to arms to anyone in your position who has never felt the thrill of traveling throughout the World. When i talk about traveling, I am not discussing the two weeks on some sunny beach each year but rather the idea of strapping a rucksack and out to see the World.  After college my friend Andrew Corbman and I took a one month break traveling throughout Europe and I can honestly say that it was the greatest trip of my life. If the lure of seeing amazing places isn’t enough then here are some more reasons as to exactly why you need to go traveling at least once in your lifetime.

Expand your Horizons 

We can all be guilty of finding ourselves in a bubble that can be difficult to get out of, especially for people who come from small towns. When you travel you see a whole new World and a World which is far removed from your own. What this creates in your mind is the idea that far more is possible than you previously thought and as such your horizons will be automatically broadened, changing how you think about your work and your life in general.

Meet Awesome People

When you travel you end up meeting a huge variety of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. Generally speaking, other people who are on the road are far more laid back and relaxed as a result of them not being part of the daily grind. I made an awful lot of friends during my trip in Europe, many of whom I am still in touch with today, and you can too.

Open Your Eyes 

Traveling to other cultures and communities really helps you to reevaluate what is important in your life. As you travel your eyes will be opened to how lucky you have it or possibly to the contrary and this will have a huge impact on your daily life. It isn’t until you have seen a foreign family who have almost nothing, smiling and chatting as they eat their dinner that you suddenly realize that most of what we are striving for, is pretty irrelevant.

Good For Your Health 

Traveling has been scientifically proven to be good for your health and some experts suggest that those who travel actually live longer. Much of this is because your body builds up a stronger immune system as a result of the exposure to different bacteria. Another reason for this boost in health is because when you travel you are far more active than you usually are which is great for your physical wellbeing.

Something to Tell The Grandkids

I certainly don’t want to be 90 years old and have little to tell my grandchildren other than I worked, I survived and no I’m ready to go. I want to tell my grandkids about the awesome stories that I created when I was traveling the World and you can do exactly the same after you have experience the beautiful life of a traveler.