All you need to know about Winnipeg criminal law firm

The criminal law firm of Gindin Segal Law and Mr. Jeffrey J Gingin, QC, has been in the legal field for several years with distinction. They have offered criminal defense services since 1971 and are a highly regarded firm. The firm offers Criminal Defense Services in Canada, and they are among the top law firms and are named Winnipeg criminal law firm.

Services Offered


Drug Charges– The prosecution against offenses related to drugs is under The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Possessing or manufacturing, or trafficking drugs are common grounds of prosecution. This is a serious charge which may be pressed. If these are sufficiently proved, stringent punitive measures follow, such as imprisonment for long periods. The firm of Jeffery J Gindin, QC, owing to his extensive knowledge, assists such accused persons to steer clear of the charges.

Impaired Driving– Driving in a state of intoxication is taken to be a grave offense. There are several potential defenses to such charges which must be explored, rather than pleading guilty. The firm has represented several clients in such cases and has secured successful acquittals.

Sexual Offenses– These cases are usually very sensitive. There are several types of sexual assault, and a different type of case is built for each. The penalty for sexual offenses varies according to the degree but is usually grave. The firm has represented clients in such sensitive cases and secured their rights or protected their innocence.

Domestic Offenses– This is a specialized aspect of law and deals with offenses in a domestic setting. The firm represents clients in domestic cases and has successfully yielded many of them.

Violent Crimes– These are very serious offenses that involve the act of violence. Stalking someone or assaulting someone, with or without a weapon, threatening or harming someone’s body, constitute some grave violent offenses. There are defenses to charges in various cases. The film explores such defenses for an accused client and tries to prove their innocence and seek acquittals.

Homicide murder– Killing and manslaughter are defined as homicide in Canada. These are the most severe offenses. The firm tries to put forward defense to prove the innocence of clients accused of homicidal killings.