All You Need to Know About Children’s Orthodontics

If you are there wondering when to take your child for their first orthodontist appointment, well, the earlier, the better. Having their teeth issues corrected at an early age while their body is still developing is the best thing you can do. It is easy to treat and recover.

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What are children’s orthodontics?

Orthodontics for children involves treatments to correct and repair their jaw and teeth before they fully develop. Early orthodontic treatments are beneficial and successful, usually with few complications.

Dr. Liebman at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics uses orthodontic treatments to guide the natural growth of your kid’s mouth. Through the orthodontic treatments, the child orthodontist rectifies the child’s teeth issues such as open bite.

When is the right time to start children’s orthodontic treatments?

According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, taking your child for their first orthodontic treatment from age six or seven is advisable. The specialists recommend the early age because it provides the best opportunity to correct the teeth issues while their tissues are still growing.

However, it is not necessary for your child to have the treatment on your first consultation. Usually, most children still have their baby teeth then, hence it’s more suitable to start the orthodontic treatment between nine and 16 years.

After the first consultation, your provider will develop an ideal treatment plan and the right timing to go ahead with the treatment.

What orthodontic treatments for children are available?

There are many orthodontic treatments for children. It is critical to get the treatments from a specialized orthodontist. Dr. Liebman at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics has proper certifications and can help you with the right treatments for your child.

Here are among the treatments you can receive under her care:

Invisalign First

It involves a system of clear aligners for your child. The custom-designed aligners are for children with some baby teeth that require a wider arch. These aligners are easier for children to handle compared to braces.

They are comfortable while eating; hence you do not need to limit your child’s diet as they straighten their teeth.

Metal braces

Metal braces help children pull their teeth in a straighter position. These braces are available at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics, including ceramic braces.

Habit-breaking appliances

The habit-breaking appliances help children stop habits such as thumb or finger-sucking. The treatment completes when the habit ends.

Palate expanders

Palate expanders are devices that help fix your child’s crossbite by widening the roof of the mouth.


Headgear helps push children’s front teeth back. Usually, your provider will recommend your child wear it at night while sleeping.

Consult a children’s orthodontist today.

Early orthodontic treatment for children is appropriate, as it’s the development time. Hence it makes the treatment easy and less complicated. Contact Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics to book your child’s first orthodontic consultation.