All you need to amuse yourself is your phone, and a postpaid connection

Your phone is your constant companion – boost it with the right postpaid plan.

In an increasingly busy (and alienating) world, your phone is the one constant you can rely on. You may not be able to meet your best friend or chat with your parents every day. Long hours at work can leave you with no time to socialise after office. But despite the fact that you cannot be in touch with your friends in person, your phone helps you maintain a tangible connection with the world.

    • Not able to meet your BFF for coffee over the weekend? No matter, just open your phone and video chat with them.
  • Want to post an amusing video of yourself on Instagram? Shoot the video and use the Boomerang or TikTok apps to edit them, then post. Now sit back and watch the likes pile up.
  • Have an opinion to express on some content you just witnessed? Make yourself heard on Twitter and Facebook. Just open these apps on your phone and post your thoughts.
  • Wanted to watch a movie but missed it when it was still in the theatres? Plug in your headphones, select that movie from the list on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Zee5 apps, and watch it at leisure and in complete comfort.
  • Need some peppy workout music? Sift through the phone’s list of music apps and get your daily music fix for your exercise.
  • Look up recipes, new book recommendations, new restaurants in your city, new joints for socialising and so much more, just by using your phone.
  • When it comes to personal finances and bill payment, your phone works like your personal accountant, savings bank and budget checker all rolled into one. Pay your bills, shop, transfer money, check account balances, and so much more using just your phone – no need to ever step into the bank again.

Of course, your phone is only as good as the postpaid plan it works on. A mediocre plan with low data, poor data speeds and patchy network is as good as no plan at all. If you want to enjoy your smartphone to the fullest, you must get a good postpaid plan. Fortunately, there are several leading providers that offer some really great plans. Take a cue from Airtel postpaid offers before selecting a good postpaid plan.

Airtel postpaid – the best one you need

Airtel currently has the best postpaid offerings across all service providers in India today. Consider some of the choicest Airtel postpaid offers:

* Reasonably priced plans: Airtel postpaid offers plans priced at Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199.

* Huge amount of data: You can get data between 40 GB and 120 GB, based on the plan you buy, plus superfast speeds.

* Several add-ons: Get one-year free Amazon Prime membership, 3 months free Netflix (not on Rs 399 plan), data rollover, unlimited calling, free access to Airtel TV and Zee5 apps, free add-on connections, etc.