All the Pros Of Using A Wireless Range Extender

We have brought our lives to the internet realm. We have social media platforms to connect to our loved ones, we have an arena of multiplayer games where we chat away with our online friends and we no longer spend our time toggling TV channels to fulfil our televisual cravings. Why? It’s because we have a plethora of streaming platforms. That’s how big of an influence the internet has on our lives. Whenever there’s a slight connection drop while gaming or when video calling someone, you get infuriated. Without a seamless internet connection, our life briefly stops. And that’s why many people rage quit games and are annoyed whenever they seea buffering loop that interrupts their streaming.

This dilemma is mostly caused by a slow internet connection and other subsequent reasons such as weak signal strength or an internet type such as satellite or DSL as both are comparatively slower than cable broadband and fiber. However, despite all these issues, you shouldn’t jump the bandwagon of changing your internet service provider instead you should reconsider a few more affordable and reasonable solutions. What are those? Since slow connectivity and signal strength has one prime culprit, which is your router, the remedy also revolves around it.

What do you need for that? A wireless range extender.

What is a wireless range extender?

In simpler words, a wireless range extender is a device one can use to give your router signals a boost to all the wirelessly connected devices. The signal from the router is only amplified further. So if the deepest corners of your home weren’t getting enough internet connectivity, you know how to fix it. That’s why we have jotted down a detailed overview on the following pros of using a wireless range extender. Keep on reading!

Improved signal strength

It’s agitating when you connect wireless devices to your router only to realize that the signal strength deteriorates for some devices and is faultless for the rest. That’s because of the positioning of your router. You can choose to mount it up on a mall or pick a centrally located spot for it but both these ways don’t work all the time. Sometimes you go an extra mile to purchase a wireless extender to strengthen the signals coming from your router to each and every connected device. Now your internet speeds won’t dwindle and you won’t have to reposition your router either. That’s a win-win right there.

Wireless Range Extender


You bought your router, modem and all the necessary equipment required to setup your internet connection. We can understand no one would want to invest extra just to cover a few dead spots in your household. Trust us, it might not sound annoying initially yet but when everyone complains of weak Wi-Fi signals and poor internet performance, you would want to reconsider your priorities. Getting hold of a wireless range extender isn’t an expensive feat. It’s not only affordable but easy to setup as well. Simply connect the extender to your router and let it do its thing.

Boost in internet speed

Improving signal strength is directly correlated to faster internet but we will try convincing you once again. So you have not gotten your hands on your new Spectrum internet which is adequate enough for multiple device connectivity. You can easily stream, you can play multiplayer games and download bandwidth-heavy files as you please. But if your home has multiple floors and the router is positioned upstairs, no matter how fast the internet connection, there will be some loopholes. Internet speed and performance isn’t equally distributed. So the ones located further from the device will have to suffer from sluggish internet speeds. And as we clearly mentioned earlier, this can be fixed so with a wireless range extender.

All in all

Now you are well aware of what a wireless range extender does and all the pros that come attached to it. So if you are going through any of the problems we have listed here, you know what to rely on.