All That Needs to Be Known About Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis surgery is a procedure that is aimed at making the upper eyelid’s muscle tighter. The muscles responsible for making your eyelids tight becomes weak with old age, making them get loose. This procedure is ideal for you; suppose the open eyelid is affecting your vision. It will improve your eyesight massively. You can also use this procedure to change your appearance to look younger. In this article, we will discuss all that you should know concerning ptosis surgery. It is possible to have ptosis in Peoria.

What is the purpose of the surgery?

Having this surgery enhances the positioning of the eyelid, and you will have a younger appearance. It also improves your eyesight, assuming you had vision problems.

What does it entail?

You are injected with an anesthetic during the operation; you might also use eye drops for an anesthetic. The procedure lasts slightly above an hour; the time depends on whether it occurs in one eyelid or both. A cut is made on the eyelid by the surgeon, in which the levator tissue is supported by stitches, making it have a better grip on the eyelid; it also helps repair the eyelid shape.


What happens after the procedure?

Your doctor might prescribe compressors that will help you deal with swelling and any other pain. However, the patients get the least amount of pain, and they can resume their daily activities soon as it is done. The bruises can last for two weeks, and the swelling might go on for three weeks. You might have difficulties seeing at first because of the medicine used in your eyes, but it does not affect the healing process.

Advantages of the ptosis surgery

You can expect many benefits after you have this surgery conducted. Your vision will get enhanced after it is done, and your eyelid problems will remain in the past. You will witness your eyelid’s height asymmetry, thus taking you back to your everyday appearance. Ptosis surgery makes you more awake and leaves you feeling better. This enhances your confidence levels.

Challenges you might face after the surgery.

A patient might experience the following effects after this surgery is completed;

  •       Inflammation
  •       Pain in the eyelid
  •       The eyelid might get over-corrected
  •       It might also get under-corrected.

The healing processes

It is possible to head home soon after the surgery is done. However, ensure your eyes do not get wet and refrain from working out. Also, avoid makeup or consuming alcohol for a month. You are advised to enquire with your doctor before you commence exercising. Working out will trigger the healing process. The ptosis surgery is long-lasting, and even as you continue to age with time, your appearance will look much younger than those who have not had surgery.


With an advance in age, our eyelids might become loose, thus affecting our vision. With the ptosis surgery, the surgeon reconstructs the eyelid and improves your appearance based on your preference.