All About the Territorial Army

Now known as the Army Reserve, the Territorial Army has always been a popular way for normal citizens to get a taste of army life and earn some money. The first units were formed in 1908 in what is now considered to be the birth of the TA. In 1914, soldiers of the TA fought alongside the Regular Army and were indistinguishable from it. Disbanded in 1918, the organisation was brought back in 1920. When war loomed again in 1939, the TA were brought into action and absorbed into the British Army to fight as regular soldiers.

The TA has recently undergone some serious expansion with some solid benefits on offer. So, would you sign up?

Army to fight

What will you earn?

Earning money is not normally the first consideration when it comes to reasons for joining up. TA soldiers are paid for each quarter day of training they do, and the pay is based on that of a regular ranked soldier. The more experience a person gains, the higher the pay. For a commitment of between 19 and 27 days a year, you’ll also receive an annual tax-free bounty which rises after a number of years.

What other reasons are there?

While there are other part-time opportunities that pay more, most people join the TA for the other significant benefits. There are many opportunities to experience things and visit places that you might never otherwise be able to do and see. As well as meeting many new people from all walks of life, there are incredible training opportunities to learn new skills, attend weekend training and visit training camps abroad. Being a part of the TA includes approximately £9,000 worth of training opportunities which is very appealing to many employers. Get a feel for an exciting military experience with a Tank Driving Experience. For more information, Tank Driving Experience are available to  buy at

What level of fitness is required?

It is generally accepted that while you don’t need to an athlete, if you want to wear the uniform you should at least be able to manage the basics accepted in the regular army. A reasonable level of fitness and a commitment to maintain that fitness is a basic requirement. As long as you’re not desperately out of shape and demonstrate a willingness to make the effort, that’s all that is asked of you.

What will I be doing?

Just as in the regular army, there are a multitude of different roles. There are opportunities to engage in roles that you might have prior professional experience of, such as nursing for example or use it as a chance to learn some completely new skills.

Will I go to war?

There is always that possibility, however, it’s not very likely. Since 2005, all mobilisations involving the TA have been purely voluntary. It must be remembered though that the purpose of the organisation is to have a trained and ready force available should they be needed to support the regular army.