Accessible Walk-In Fridge and Freezer Hire

What is your plan when your food business grows busier, you open a pop-up restaurant or host events during peak seasons and the fridge and freezer space available is too compact, in use already, is situated away from the marquee or outbuilding being used and there’s no electrical supply? Convenient and efficient facilities may be needed to cover the needs of simultaneous functions without a compromise in service or food and drink quality levels.

Some fruits and vegetables ripen others more quickly and need to be separated, raw and cooked food cannot be mixed. Even 100 cups of tea and coffee at a school play requires a substantial milk stock which must be responsibly refrigerated. A fete’s barbeque of frozen burgers, sausages and kebabs needs much more capacity than a standard unit can provide.

You need to discuss your situation with a leading, reputable and competitive mobile refrigeration hire firm, with staff who understand the food hygiene and health and safety legislation that anyone providing food to members of the public must adhere to without exception.

Who can help you with either pre-bookable facilities or emergency walk in freezer or fridge hire?

A long-established hire firm is Icecool Trailers, based in Newbury. They have a raft of excellent reviews from satisfied clients and informed, practical staff who can answer questions, deliver, assemble and set up equipment and won’t demand too much of your time or that you have a degree in operations to use the walk-in fridge and/or freezer supplied. Walk in fridges and walk in freezers are professionally maintained, hygienic and are available in a range of sizes and capacities.

Cold rooms are not on wheels and must remain where you instruct the team to install them, walk in fridge trailers can be moved during the hire period as these have wheels.

Staff can work within the units safely, without contravening regulations and that extra workspace could prove invaluable.  Units are also insured, you’ll need to source additional cover for the stock placed in them.

If you’re located in these areas, Icecool Trailers specialists are a phone call or e-mail away and dependant on distances, the mobile refrigeration hire units can be delivered in a couple of hours:

Avon & Somerset.











South Wales.






Ask their team to provide a quote. It will be unique, based on your requirements and hire period.

If you consider fridge vans, please bear in mind that these are often more expensive because they have fuel and maintenance costs loaded in to hire fees and although you can enjoy self-drive, have you truly got the time to spare or the will to drive a strange vehicle when a fridge trailer or cold room would prove more cost and labour effective?

Hire periods are easy to extend so if you remain busy with elevated stock levels but don’t know if a new permanent arrangement is necessary, mobile refrigeration hire offers a perfect solution.