A Place for Drinkers and Non-drinkers Alike

It’s true that all work and no play will make you dull. Once you come of age, as a young urban professional perhaps, you’ll long for evenings when you can go out, grab a drink, enjoy the ambiance or socialize a bit. Especially when you are a Surry HIlls suburb local. If you are from the area, you should be aware of its vibrant nightlife. A suburban region in Sydney Australia, it is frequented by the working classes. If you were accustomed to a happy place like this, and the type who enjoys drinking or just plain hanging out with office mates, you’ll surely miss the free-spirited ambiance that it promotes.

What makes the place different from others you might ask? For one the cocktail bar Surry Hills has include those which are Victorian Era themed. Surry Hills has a long commercial and industrial history as it was established even before the nineteenth century. Thus, pubs are communal establishments for its residents. The edifices range from old refurbished Victorian houses to modern buildings. Try to imagine a place with a long record of drinking establishments. Wouldn’t it be fitting to say that they know how to craft their beers and cocktails? Otherwise they’ll surely lose the hard-and-fast competition.

Pubs have their own take on the bloody mary and margarita, but of course if you wish to try something new, it would help to ask the assistance of the bartender. They will definitely recommend their bestsellers, or items that you may not have encountered before. While you are at it why not order some food as well? Life is good and enjoyable, and you’ll definitely feel it when you are at a bar in Surry Hills.

But what is If you are a non-drinker? By that we mean you consume alcohol but would like to keep it to a minimum. Maybe you prefer to chat rather than drink, and to stay sober longer you want to order drinks that have low to zero alcohol content. Do remember these, as you may come across them at a bar menu but are too afraid to ask the waiter if it will get you drunk:

  • Coffee Granita – This is made by mixing sugar into espresso then a bit of warm water. It is then frozen as ice cubes. The cubes are pulsed into a food processor and kahlua is then added. Sometimes you’ll find it topped with whipped cream.
  • Horse’s Neck – A drink made by placing a cube of sugar in a tall glass. Then grenadine is poured unto the cubes and a lemon zest strip is placed inside the glass. It is hanged over the glass edge whist coiled and then the glass is filled with ice cubes. Lastly the ginger ale is poured into the glass to complete the drink.
  • Shandygaff – A simple mixture of ale and ginger beer. It is an old-fashioned drink that has low alcohol content.
  • Mango Rum Milk Shake – Created by blending ice with mango puree , milk, syrup and light rum.
  • Mango Lime Shake – Another version of the Mango Rum Milk Shake, this one uses simple syrup and substitutes the milk with lime juice. It also uses dark rum instead of light.
  • Honey Bourbon Sour – Compared to other drinks, this one has less alcohol because of the addition of the fresh lemon juice. This drink is made by stirring lemon juice and honey together. Once the two are mixed the bourbon is added.

Whether you want to enjoy the night drinking, or plain chatting with good people, it would be worth to check cocktail bar Surry Hills has. Try to visit too if in case you are not from the place. We are pretty sure that there are a lot fun bars that awaits.