A Few Guidelines to Optimize Your Snorkeling Experience

Snorkeling can be a fantastic water sport for you, provided you’ve great skill in swimming. The super exciting water game enables you to view the treasure world of blue sea water and during the course, plentiful sea creatures become your underwater travel companion. Needs no mention, among all water games, it’s relatively risky and needs real expertise. Typically, snorkelers prefer close to the water surface area and this can be enjoyed with some of the most essential equipment. As per expert version, snorkelers must stick to the water game guidelines strictly to enjoy the activity, keeping them safe and sound.

The bubbly university student of California, Anouk Govil , resident of the lovely city Ventura, located between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, is a great passionate of enjoying the appealing lifestyle of the beach surrounding. The shinning student of Biology like spending her weekends and holidays engaging her in water games including kayaking, surfing, canoeing, fishing cum kayaking and also obtain best benefits of sun tanning. She suggest you to get yourself equipped with the following equipment, no matter whether you are a just the beginner or an expert.

  • Dive Mask: Enables snorkelers to keep their eyes open under water, while the mask stops water from entering into one’s eyes;
  • Snorkel: The breathing tube that help divers in breathing without any difficulty under water;
  • Swimming Fins: Helps snorkelers navigate into the water in different directions making movements relaxing in the water;
  • Flotation Implements: It is basically a safety device and must-have for beginners.
  • Wetsuit: Keeps snorkelers body temperate in cold water (not necessary for warm water)

Keep in mind that wetsuit must not be loose-fitting or tight that causes difficulty breathing. It should be well fit, and the person enjoying the activity should procure the costume that fits his body measurement perfectly.

Three Key Guidelines that you must follow:

Have a buddy, at all times

When it comes to snorkeling, you’re always at certain risk, and that is why; having a friend cum guide is the right choice. Keep in mind, during the voyage, you may feel excessively worn-out; encounter any equipment problem or have an injury whilst a buddy, experienced in snorkeling can help you get back to the sea-shore or to the boat. They should be close to you, and will also indicate you some signs like ‘thumbs-up’ every three to five minutes to understand that everything is going smooth.

Ensure to preserve energy

The process of snorkeling requires stable and continuous kicking in the water with your feet and legs. Naturally, this may lead to tiring condition especially when you are a fresher. Since, you are outfitted with a flotation device; this will help you considerably to stay easy in the water, as a life jacket. A snorkeling vest can also be used. Employing these devices help lessening the higher chance of tiredness by keeping you afloat on the water surface.

No, Never Disturb the Marine Life

As per Anouk Govil , the Californian water game lover that marine lives usually don’t counter or bother humans; however, it’s vital for snorkelers to maintain peace and respect the sea space. Mind well, getting closer or touching a jelly-fish can be an extremely painful experience for you.