A Comprehensive Guide to Keep Ants off your Properaty

Ants are social insects that are more likely to be regular guests in your house this summer. Ants come to your house looking for food, shelter, and spots for reproduction. Ideally, their invasion starts with an ant coming to your house. Before you know it, an army of ants will be marching straight to every room in your house, denying you the comfort you need.

Before you go for ant extermination in Wilmington, it is essential to do put up measures that will ensure ants do not infest your property in the first place. This comprehensive guide is designed to give you some tips on how you can prevent ants from infesting your property all year round.

Keeping ants off your property

Wipe ant trails

In most cases, ants march in a line leaving trails for other ants to follow. If you wipe the trail, you “confuse” the ants. Apply a strong disinfectant wipe on the path to remove any leftover smell and marks that may guide new ants into your house. Most ants follow the same route to your kitchen because they can sniff through the odor left behind by other ants.

Store food in containers

Ants march into your house to look for food and shelter. They feed on leftover food that is left open in the kitchen or eating points in your house. To keep ants and other pests off your house, you should keep your leftover food in airtight containers to stop the pests from being attracted to the food. When ants and other pests contact your food, you can contract diseases because most of them are carriers to bacterial infections.

Building maintenance

To keep ants off your property, you should ensure you do regular building maintenance. Repair all cracks appearing on the walls to block all possible entrance for ants. Ants are tiny and can easily penetrate and find their way inside your house. All potential entry points for ants must be blocked to keep them off.

Store firewood far from the house

Carpenter ants like wood so much. They dig holes in the wood to make their nests and reproduce. To keep them off your property, you must always ensure firewood, logs, and stumps are kept some distance away from your building. Also, you can cover the wood with tarps to make them unattractive to pests.

Prune vegetation

If your house is surrounded with plants with branches extending to the rooftop and windows, you should consider trimming the branches to avoid any contact with the house. The dead branches are home to ants that easily find their way into your house.


There are varieties of ants, including carpenter ants, crazy ants, and ghost ants that can infest your property this summer. Employing a recommended pest control strategy is the best option for removing ants and other pests from your property. Ideally, it is difficult to remove ants from your property once they infest it. The tips given here will give you peace of mind by helping you to prevent any ant infestation on your property.