9 Things You Need to Buy for a New Puppy

Welcoming someone into the household is an event that is preceded by a lot of shopping. It does not matter if the new family member is a new baby or puppy, there is going to be a wide range of items needed for it.

If you expect a new furry friend in your home, check this list to make sure that you have bought everything you need.

Make sure you check this first item off your list: Getting your puppy’s license and registration.

Collar and Tag

Having a collar is the quickest way to identify that your puppy is owned by someone who loves it and is not a random stray on the street.

Collars also play other roles, such as being a tool to help you handle your dog in various situations.

It also lets you hold your dog’s identification tag and to attach a leash. Some owners may prefer to get a harness rather than a collar, especially for puppies.

Puppies grow fast, so make sure that you adjust the collar’s width to suit your fur kid.


A dog crate may seem like an unnecessary item, especially if you have decided to let your dog roam freely in your home.

However, crates can come in very handy. It can be useful when you must travel with your dog. Besides, it also acts as a tool to help in potty training your puppy.

When choosing a crate, make sure it allows your puppy to turn around and lie down.


If you have ever owned a dog, you have probably noticed how much they tend to sleep. They spend up to 12-16 hours sleeping every day.

With those habits, they will need a warm and comfortable spot to sleep. As a pet parent, you will do well to pick out the ideal bed for your new puppy.

Food and Water Bowls

These are essential items in a household with dogs. Be sure to choose the right bowls for your pup.

Ones that are too shallow will end up being pushed around from your puppy’s excitement, while ones that are too deep may be inaccessible, especially if your pup is small.

There are many kinds of bowls on the market for your choosing. Bowls made of stainless steel are recommended as they do not harbour bacteria.

Ceramics should be avoided as they can break easily. You may also choose to get ones that have rubber grips.

Your puppy’s water bowl should always be left out to keep your fur kid hydrated throughout the day.

Food bowls can be taken out and put away as needed. As your puppy grows older, you may need to change its bowls.

This is because larger breeds can develop back problems if bowls are placed too close to the ground.

Healthy Dog Food

The kind of puppy food you buy is critical. Like humans, dogs need a balanced diet too. This means that choosing the right dog food with a good variety of nutrients is of utmost importance.

Puppies also have different nutritional requirements. As such, you should never give puppies food meant for adult dogs.


Supplement your dog’s diet with some treats. These can be special foods to help during training but can also be used to show some extra love to your pup.

Be warned, though; it is never good to go overboard with these. Regardless of how much you love it, your puppy should not be spoiled by getting too many treats.


Getting toys for your puppy will help to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. It also gives you extra things to do with your dog.

Be sure to get chew toys to keep those sharp young teeth away from damaging furniture and other items around your house.


With puppies, it is helpful to have a playpen available. You may not always have the time or ability to keep watch on your precious new pup.

When you have a playpen, you will be sure that your dog will not wander away while you are distracted.

It provides a safe space in which your dog can frolic. If it is winter, the playpen can also be used indoors so that your pup can get the exercise it needs even when it is too cold outside for walks.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Do not forget to keep your puppy clean and tidy. You will need items for your puppy’s bathing times. Be sure also to get a good comb or brush, especially if you have a breed with longer fur.

It is also helpful to get supplies for flea and tick prevention. This is especially crucial if you bring your dog into grassy areas.