8 Ways to Speed Up Your Recovery from a Cough and Cold

The colder months are here once again. While most people are grateful for the respite from the heat, many are also bracing themselves for the cold and flu season. There’s nothing like the chill in the air to arrest the immune system.

If you tend to get sick with a cold and cough during this time of the year, try doing things a little differently. Take care of yourself better and implement recovery strategies that you may not have tried before. This way, even if you still come down with a cold, it will not last as long as it usually does.

To help you with this, listed below are eight clever hacks for a speedy recovery from a cold or a bout with the flu.

1. Take specialized cough and cold formulas.

If you usually take one type of medicine for your cough and cold, consider different formulations such as those for the day and those that are for providing all-night relief. They just might be better in addressing the discomfort you feel.

2. Make daily baths as beneficial for you as possible.

Bathing every day is a must when you have a cold and cough. You have to remember that you’re contagious and you scatter germs and bacteria every time you wipe your nose, sneeze, and cough. Taking a bath every day when you are sick is vital in preventing recontamination.

But, bathing does not only need to be for disinfection. It can provide you with physical relief as well. How about switching to different bath products that contain ingredients that are known as natural decongestants? Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and tea tree are some examples of these. You can find these ingredients in shampoos, soaps, and bath bombs.

3. Drink honey ginger tea.

This tea concoction is a true healer. Honey has antibacterial properties and has long been known to help get rid of a chesty cough. Meanwhile, ginger soothes the throat and chest, and it is packed with vitamins and minerals to expedite your recovery from a cold and chesty cough, or flu.

Drink this tea to detoxify as well. Many find that they urinate more frequently when they drink this tea, which is beneficial, especially for those who take different kinds of medicines when they are sick. This tea also warms the body, making sleep come easier.

4. Get a lymphatic massage.

A massage to drain your lymphatic system will help expel toxins from the body and speed up recovery from most illnesses. Also, it improves blood circulation. This will allow enough oxygen to be delivered to vital organs, so they can function more effectively in supporting the body’s natural healing process.

5. Fill a clean sock with salt to treat earaches.

Earaches are among the side effects of a severe cold or flu. They often happen to children and are quite uncomfortable. To relieve earaches, a warm salt sock can help. Just place the sock against your achy ear and let it do its magic.

Salt has minerals that can pull out the infection and ease pain instantly. Epsom salt and sea salt are the best to use for this as they have more natural minerals than typical table salt.

6. Take cough pastilles or candy when your mouth is dry.

A dry mouth is another side effect of a cough and cold. By taking cough pastilles, you can keep your saliva flowing which, in turn, will keep mouth bacteria at bay. You can make your own or purchase a tin from a local pharmacy.

Cough pastilles do not only increase saliva production, but they help with healing as well because they have ingredients that can help decongest and soothe throat irritation.

7. Keep your feet warm all the time.

The feet are entry points for that cold feeling that seems to come from the bones when you are sick. Therefore, keep them warm the whole time that you have a cough and cold. This will make a world of difference in your comfort level.

There are so many ways that you can do this. A Japanese doctor who specializes in heat therapy for better health recommends wearing layers of socks. Meanwhile, some like to apply vaporub to the soles of their feet and wear floppy socks. Others use microwavable heating packs to rest their feet on.

Whatever feet-heating technique you use, you can expect it to contribute to your quick recovery.

8. Drink more lemon water.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is a must for when you have a cough and cold. Also, it is alkaline, which can help manage tummy discomfort when you are sick.

Lemon water also has electrolytes which you need especially when your incessant coughing makes you want to pee often. Electrolytes will keep you hydrated longer and can alleviate muscle pain.

Common cold and cough is no small matter. If not taken care of, it can develop into something more serious such as pneumonia. Hopefully, the shared strategies above will help you deal with seasonal cold and coughs so you can bounce back to health much faster.