7 tips to buy that used car

It could be for an individual who has a long commute to work, a busy mom with kids to drop off, work to get to and shopping to get done, a college student with a busy social life, a senior citizen with a yen for travel- virtually everyone needs a vehicle to get around.

Keep these tips in mind when you buy a used car:

  1. Do your homework- find out the car you need, keeping in mind your specific requirements. Compare brands across various parameters and only then go to the next step of looking out for the vehicle.
  2. Check forums- online forums abound and everybody has an opinion on what car works and what doesn’t. Experts also weigh in with their comments.From a coupe to a used honda pilot, you’ll find that people have weighed in on most anything. This can give you vital information for your decision-making process.
  3. Think about the size and fuel- smaller cars cost less, as do petrol cars and with stick shift, over automatic models. If you’re looking for a used car, it may make more sense for you to invest in something small, compact and less expensive than others.
  4. Use your own mechanic- once you’ve decided to take a look at the car, use a mechanic known to you to check the car out. His expertise and his familiarity with you will ensure that you get honest feedback.
  5. Choose the seller- dealerships have a wide range, company showrooms give you a valuable pre-owned certification and individuals have their own reasons to sell. In the last case, there might be a sentimental value attached to the vehicle which may make too much negotiation unpleasant. Gauge the seller- can you negotiate for a better price with a dealer, can the company showroom give you more for the extra price you’ll have to pay ( for certification) and is the individual a dependable, honest person? You might even consider an auction of used cars happening in the neighborhood.
  6. Look out for sound finance options- it helps if you have great credit rating. If you don’t, you might need to look at other finance choices- this could limit what car you can buy and from whom. Take a look at your credit rating and see what can be done to improve it. Some banks may be willing to offer you great interest rates depending on your background and qualifications.
  7. Take it for a test drive and inspection- rust is bad news- if you see it anywhere in the car- under body, wheel rims, door handles, etc, it could be a sign of neglect and very hard to beat. Check for general wear and tear- does the car look like it’s been taken care of? Do a test drive before you decide anything. You may love the car but it’s only when you get in that you will know if it works for you. See how you feel behind the wheel, how the car handles and what it sounds like, and then decide.

A used car can be a good buy- just be careful about how you go about it.