6 ways to transform your kitchen cabinets

Kitchens are an especially important space of all homes; we rush to our kitchens to refuel and refresh ourselves. Kitchens are lot more than just a space where meals are prepared, and cabinets form the backbone of this space. The kitchen cabinets are home to so many things, the ingredients, tools, your favorite coffee mugs and many more. The kitchen cabinets might need a little bit of makeover when they become either outdated or worn out. They deserve a transformation!

Easy ways to spruce up the kitchen cabinets:

Here are some tips that you can consider the next time you think of transforming your kitchen cabinets. These tips can give your kitchen an absolute new look and a burst of style and functionality.

  1. Installing new hardware:

New hardware sounds simple, but a set of new knobs or pulls can be one of the quick fixes for your cabinets. If your cabinets are looking very plain, you can add an instant zing with knobs of different shapes and patterns. Choose from silver or bronze, which are timeless choice for kitchen cabinets or look for handcrafted glass.

  1. Paint the cabinets:

If the structure of your cabinets is intact, then you do not need to replace the cabinets to give them a makeover. You can revamp the cabinets with a little sanding, applying elbow grease and giving a few coats of new paint. Choose and mix colors in such a way that they add a rich look and depth to the kitchen. Neutral colors are a great choice as they can instantly brighten the space. If you have crisp white walls, dark colored cabinets will pair well with them.

The kitchen cabinets might need a little bit of makeover

  1. Glass doors or open shelves:

Have a closed-off heavy cabinets set-up? You can lighten it up by switching to open shelves. This concept can be applied to any kitchen and is a perfect way to free-up space that earlier felt cramped. You can go for a hybrid style with open shelving for dishes that you want to keep on display and closed cabinets for items that you want to keep out of sight.

  1. A plate rack for added functionality:

A plate rack is a very handy addition to the kitchen, whether you go for an open shelving or closed cabinets for your dishes. It will enhance the functionality of your kitchen and add a splash of colors if you have vibrant plates.

  1. Cabinets in the island counter:

The kitchen island is the center of your kitchen and is naturally the focal point. You can use the kitchen islands to make space for added storage and workspace. They also provide an excellent opportunity to spruce up your kitchen by either installing a counter or redesigning your existing one. You can paint the cabinets in either coordinated or contrasting colors.

  1. Crown Molding:

If you feel your cabinets are unremarkable in their look but solid in their structure, you can give them an instant high-end look with crown molding. This sophisticated trim will instantly transform your kitchen cabinets and make them look chic. You do not have to take up a complete cabinet overhaul project to transform them, just a small addition will give them a new personality.

Some pro-tips:

A cabinet transformation work can be overwhelming in its planning phase as you will be evaluating different options to suit your needs and budget. However, you must not get hassled, just plan well and pick up a way to revamp the cabinets that meets your objective without burning a hole in your pocket. If you do not intend to spend too much, you can avoid the cost by doing an easy upgrade using any of the above-mentioned ways.