6 Steps to Take During an Emergency Plumbing Situation

No one plans to face plumbing emergencies, but they can happen when you least expect it. A significant percentage of homeowners rarely know the things to do and this can result in further issues. It goes without saying that most plumbing emergencies usually occur due to little signs that homeowners neglect. Check out some of the steps you need to take each time you encounter a plumbing emergency.

  • Contact an emergency plumbing company

There is no need to wait until you have an emergency before looking for a Brisbane plumber. The best thing is to get in touch with a plumbing company that has an impressive track record in your area. Check their websites to know the type of services they offer and price.

You can describe the situation over the phone and they will let you know what you can do before they arrive. Plumbers that handle emergencies are often available 24/7 even during weekends. Delving into DIY plumbing during an emergency can lead to a disaster. This is because there is a particular approach for each situation.

  • Shut off the water supply

It’s not difficult to locate the main water valve in homes. However, you can ask your plumber to show you how it works if you have no idea. Ensure that you shut it off completely as soon as you detect a plumbing emergency. This is an effective way to reduce the effects of leaks and flooding.

  • Clean standing water

Waiting for your plumbing contractor to arrive before getting rid of standing water may cause damage to your home and belongings. Apart from that, it can increase repair costs. Make sure that you clean the water and open your doors and windows so that it will get dry quickly.

  • Protect your furniture

Furniture is one of the elements that several homeowners won’t hesitate to invest in. Some even buy eco-friendly and quality materials that can last for many years without posing hazards or needing a replacement.A plumbing emergency can cause irreversible damage to furniture pieces. In view of this, cover your furniture with aluminum foil or move to a dry place if possible.

  • Turn off electrical appliances

It’s risky to use any electrical appliance when there is a serious leak in your home. The ideal thing is to wait until it is dry to avoid any electrical issue while you’re still finding a solution to the plumbing emergency. Remember to switch off the water heater during the repair process. Fixing it and any other appliance can be expensive.

  • Drain the pipes

Try to drain your pipes by turning on every hose outside your home. This is because water will still remain in your pipes once you’ve shut off the water supply. You can also open your drains for excess water to flow freely. Use a plunger to tackle clogs instead of pouring toxic chemicals down your drains. Consider searching for the leaks while you’re still waiting for the plumbing contractors to arrive.