6 Major Global organizations fighting against Environmental destruction

We are heading towards a globe where modernization, globalization, and industrialization are operating at their peak and with the advancement in technologies, the process has quickened up. Though it has helped in commercial benefits to organizations and has helped in the growth and development of human society, it has also affected the environment the most.

With the rise in the levels of pollution, global warming, deforestation, and poaching, the environment has been destroyed a lot by the human activities and resulted in the downfall of our environment and imbalanced our ecosystem. The flora and fauna are also losing their natural touch and many wildlife species are becoming extinct.

But, there have been few international organizations and many NGO’s and NPO’s, which are putting in their best efforts to protect the environment and ensuring that all the illegal activities stop that is destructing the environment.

These organizations have been addressing the problems are the global platform and making all possible efforts to prevent these activities done by humans intentionally or unintentionally. They are spread in all parts of the world and operate even from remote places with the aim to analyze, track and take recommended steps to conserve the environment.

1) The Earth System Governance Project (ESGP)

THE ESGP was incepted in 2009 in the month of January, which emerged from the Internal Humans Dimensions Programme. This was initiated as a research project whose objective was to measure the impact of humans on global change. The project consists of more than 300 active and 2300 inactive academics spread all across the globe. Its end goal is to publish its research work on the difficulties faced in regulating the global change in the environment. It will help the researchers in better understanding the clear role of the government, private and public institutions and organizations to curb the problems that are destructing the environment and hampering the lives of people and other creatures.

2) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The IPCC laid its foundation in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). IPCC actively works as an intergovernmental and scientific organization under the UN. The primary purpose of this organization is to provide a scientific assessment of the climatic change happening all around the world and its impact. This is one of the most active organization and working with lots of efforts and sincerity. Their hard work and dedication made them won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 along with Al Gore.

3) Global Environment Facility

The GEF was established back in 1991 under a collaboration of more than 180 countries, international institutions, private businesses, and many public organizations. This organization mainly finances many projects which are under the niche of biodiversity, the ozone layer, climatic change, land degradation or water health. At present, the Global Environment Facility stands as the biggest funds provider of these kinds of projects globally. Till now, they have contributed to more than 3500 projects all around the world, in more than 160 countries and have made a contribution of more than $12 billion.

4) International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The IUCN is one of the world’s oldest ogranization that has been working from the last 70+ years in the direction of protecting the environment. It has got more than 1200 members from the government as well as non-government sectors. The vision of this organization is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources all over the globe, which will help in conserving nature. Also, they work on many other sensitive issues such as poverty, gender equality and uniform distribution of resources. The IUCN has published the “IUCN Red List” that puts the biological species in a proper category based upon their conservation status.

5) World Nature Organization

The countries near to the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean nations along with few nations from Africa planned to start the World Nature Organization near around 2010. Its first treaty was first published in June 2012, but the last minute lost of interest from many of its members left the agreement unsigned. However, it stood strong on its goal of promoting economical business models, technology and mode of energy generators, which would operate without hampering the environment.

6) United Nations Environment Program

The UNEP was established by the United Nations back in June 1972 after their conference on Human Environment. Its major task is to highlight various issues of the environment that are told by agencies of the United Nations. Some of its other responsibilities include working with many governments to prepare international environmental agreements and encourage environmental science.

Such organizations are working with the core mission of protecting the environment from the activities that are harming the natural habitat and disturbing the climate, which may give rise to catastrophic situations. If you want to read more news about Environment in Hindi, click here.