6 Brilliant Ideas for a Highly Functional and Visually Appealing Home Interior

With the trend of making homes the hub of relaxation and recreation, it’s no wonder a lot of homeowners nowadays invest greatly in upgrading their home interior. This is evident in all the reality home makeover shows on TV.

Indeed, a home upgrade can lead to a better quality of life. For families, it can mean having the children at home more often where it’s safe. Also, it means having opportunities to gather loved ones for some much needed time together in a comfortable place for the holidays and other special occasions.

So, if you are thinking of sprucing up your house’s interior design and decor so your home can be a fertile breeding ground of joy, provided below are some ideas to consider. These ideas can increase usable space for your home without necessarily creating extensions for the property.

1. Install skylights.

Skylights are not only ideal for bringing in more light into a house without using electricity. They can turn any room into an instant observatory as well.

If you want your children to learn how to enjoy the simple things in life, skylights offer the chance for them to look at the stars smattered on a clear night sky — no need for them to join country hayrides. During the day, on the other hand, they can go cloud-watching in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Also, if you love the idea of decorating your home with the enchanting transition of the seasons, strategically placed skylights will do the trick. Those installed on a sloped roof tend to look like big paintings depicting the ever-changing outside world.

2. Replace concrete walls with big glass windows.

Big glass windows are the easiest solutions for making any house feel more spacious and open. This is a design strategy often used for high-rise apartments. At the same time, they automatically bring in more light, so you don’t need to rely on artificial lighting all the time.

But, what many love about this particular design strategy is how big glass windows create a lovely flow for two spaces. If you open them, you instantly merge two spaces and get what interior designers call an indoor-outdoor room. Such a room has no clear distinction between the inside and outside of the house. There’s a continuous flow from the inside to the outside and vice-versa.

However, on days when you want to stay in the cosy comfort of your home, all you have to do is close the windows. You lock out the elements such as the cold air and gusty wind, yet you can still have a perfect view of the outdoors.

3. Opt for levels instead of partition walls.

This design idea is perfect for smaller homes. Without partition walls, even a tiny loft can instantly feel bigger. However, you need to make sure that the levels are well-arranged.

For instance, if you have limited space for your living room, you have different elevations created with the idea of limiting the number of furniture you need for entertaining. With the help of an interior fit-out company, you can create platforms and stairs that double as tables, seating, and even smart storage for your home.

The different levels will not only replace furniture, but they can also distinguish one room from another. Plus, they can further increase the functionality of the rooms. These different levels create cosy nooks for reading and even a small stage for performances.

4. Build circular shelves and cabinets.

These storage solutions can maximise space. Along with that, their curved shape gets rid of harsh corners and creates a smoother flow of movement inside the home.

Circular built-in furniture items are not only things of beauty and utility, but they make great conversation pieces as well. Built-in furniture is usually angular to fit into corners seamlessly. Thus, circular or oval built-ins are unexpected and never fail to fascinate people visually.

Plus, there are so many ways to style them for even better aesthetics and movement. You can even have them designed to be turn-able like a wheel.

5. Replace dark and thick bannisters with an iron tube and transparent fibreglass sheet stair railings.

Skinny but durable railings made from iron tubes and fibreglass sheets do the same job as wood bannisters. However, they have a more modern appeal, and they allow for more light to flow throughout the house.

Another advantage of this replacement is how more visible the other parts of the home interior are. If you have young children, it will be so much easier for you to monitor their activities. Plus, with these implements offer creative ways for decorating.

6. Ditch the carpet and lay thick yet finely-woven fabric on your floor.

Covering surfaces with high-quality fabrics is a favourite design strategy in the fashion world. Fashion runways and showrooms implement this trick to bring a stunning saturation of colours. If you want your home interior to feel more luxurious, this is certainly worth considering.

You can create a patchwork pattern for your floors and stairs. Or, opt for something more whimsical such curling waves or swirls. If you decide to implement this design idea for your home, you can pay less attention to investing in individual design pieces to create a texturally rich atmosphere.

Elevating the beauty and function of a home is all about thoughtful design. So hopefully, the six ideas shared above can serve as helpful inspirations for the upgrade you wish to make for your home.

Author Bio

Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors, and Civils Division.