5 Types of Content You Need to Build Your Online Presence

It doesn’t matter which business industry you operate in; content is king. To be successful in the fast-paced, highly-competitive business world of today, having a strong online presence is crucial. But, without good web content, it’s impossible to achieve this.

Whether you run a small local shop or head a company that has big plans to go global, your online presence is key to building your customer base, gaining an excellent reputation, and turning over a higher profit.

So, what kind of content should you be producing to stand out online? Let’s find out.

Content Type #1. Business Blog

Business blogging is still one of the best ways to show off your expertise and provide your customers with the information that they are seeking. Businesses that blog have the perfect platform to reach out to their customers and engage with their audience by finding out what they want to know and giving it to them.

But, the problem with blogging is that many entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to build and maintain a business blog that brings in the viewers. So, consider hiring web content management service providers to help you.

Content Type #2. Social Media Updates

Web content comes in all shapes and sizes; it’s not just blog posts and articles that your customers expect you to have available for them today. Whether your business operates within the B2B or B2C sector, it’s never been more important to be present and active on social media – here you can find millions of potential new clients and customers for your business.

Social media is one of the most important tools in your box when it comes to engaging with your customers. So, be sure to craft interesting and engaging social media status updates and tweets, find intriguing links to share, and get your customers involved with appealing graphics and videos.

Content Type #3. Videos

Today, video marketing has never been so popular. With a video, you can show or tell your existing and prospective customers something that would have taken thousands of words to achieve in an article. So, it’s no surprise that videos are popular with both customers and businesses.

Even if you run a small business on a tight budget, it’s possible to create impressive videos to share with your viewers using just your smartphone.

Content Type #4. Instructional Guides

Don’t just fill your business blog and social media with content that tells your audience why they should choose your brand. Instead, tap into the fact that the internet is the top source for finding out how to do something.

Ask your customers what it is that they think you’d be able to help them with. You can do this by sharing a link to a survey, or holding a simple poll on Facebook. Then, analyse the data to discover what you need to be writing ‘how-to’ guides about for your customers.

Content Type #5. Infographics

Investing in a good graphics designer to put together informational, interesting infographics for your customers is a great idea. Today, appealing graphics are in high-demand from web users; they provide a quick, convenient and visually alluring method of getting new information.

In addition, infographics are hugely versatile and can be shared anywhere, including your website, business blog, and social media profiles.