5 trendy ladies jackets in the market

It is time of the year when we are looking at the retreating summers and all the sandals and the sundresses are being packed away. We are saying our goodbyes to the retreating summer and getting ready for what’s coming our way. The winter is coming and just like the north everyone remembers what it brings with it. Winter should always be taken seriously because it affects you drastically only in minutes and it can be fatal most of the time without you even feeling it. Clothes and protection against the chilling cold should not at all be taken lightly by anyone because it will not spare you if you miss to defend yourself against it and it may kill you.

But style and looking good is necessary in this corporate influenced world of today and you do not have the time and options of experimenting either with the style or the fabrics during this season. The winters are always special in their own context in terms of dresses. This is the season of colourful pullovers, sweaters, bright sweatshirts, excellent looking ladies’ jackets and so on. In terms of style it is the time when there are more options to choose from because there are many layers and many clothes that can be chosen.

The one thing that always remainsthe same no matter what trends appear in the style for women is ladies jackets. This is one piece of clothing that is important for this particular season as it forms the very first and almost every time the most resilient barrier against the chilling cold that comes with the winter winds. Thus, jackets are an important part nay a non-negligible part of the winterwear and thus owing to their importance they are made all the more stylish to compliment your beauty and make you look simple and impressive at the same instant. The ladies’ jacketsthat are trending in market nowadays are as follows:

  • Faux fur: These are the most famous type of ladies’ jackets and believe me when I say that they will never be removed from market or go out of fashion. These jackets are modelled after the animal fur that the high-class ladies used to wear in older times and this not only is warm,but it also gives a royal look to the lady donning them. These are no longer made of animal fur thanks to the animal rights societies. These are now made of synthetic fibres which form the soft fur. These are one of the most expensive ladies’ jackets in the market.
  • Bomber Jackets: These are recently gaining popularity and are going to last long in the market. This category of ladies’ jackets used to be made up of leather in the older times but is no longer made up of the leather but synthetic fabrics. These jackets are light and warm simultaneously and these ladies’ jackets look very nice on the person donning them. They are also available in cotton fabrics which makes them more comfortable.
  • Trench Coats:These are long patterned coats which last till the knees and thus provides all the more protection. These give the wearer a formal and casual look at the same time as per the occasion she is going. These types ladies’ jackets need to be carried with grace.
  • Chequered Coats: these are a type of ladies’ jackets which are more of a personal choice for the women who can carry it in the style it is meant to. They look very flamboyant if the wearer knows how to wear them if not there not a coat which can damage your outfit loom as this one can.
  • Quilted jackets: These are an excellent choice for the ladies’ jackets as these are very good looking and efficient in stopping the cold.

You may log in to the usual sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Bewakoof.com etc. They have a nice collection of bomber jackets and other varieties as well.