5 Tips In Modifying Your Child’s Swing Set As They Grow

There is no other easy, fun and amusing activity than swinging in the garden. It is not only an inexpensive and healthy way to spend some amount of time relaxing your mind and body but have a good chitchat with your family and friends as well.

Especially the kids, they enjoy every minute swinging with their peers or a family member. The best part about this outdoor play equipment is the enjoyment and years of use it offers for the family. Even your kids reach the elementary level, they can still enjoy the limitless fun of swinging.

Now that they are growing, it is necessary to make a few modifications to the swing set to maintain a developmentally challenging and exciting activity. This toy can be an investment your kiddos will love and enjoy for quite some time.

So, how do you modify the swing set for your growing child?

There are many possible adjustments you can apply to make the swing more appropriate to the age. They vary from affordable and simple to little more innovative.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 essential swing set adjustments recommended by Tiny Tiny Shop Shop that your kids will surely love.

  1. Add monkey bars

Monkey bars are a favorite and classic choice for kids. It needs sporty arms and coordination skills, which is ideal for older kids. You can either choose double wide monkey bars or conventional monkey bars. But, parents are more recommended to go for a wooden cedar frame as well as made of steel rungs. Make the swing set look brand new with this great add-on.

  1. Add or improve the slide

Parents wait on the curved tube slide as they want to have a sight of their kids all the time. But as the kids reach a certain age, that reservation becomes paler. You can add or upgrade the slide according to the preference of your tot, or what you think will best suit to his outdoor playing needs.

  1. Replace the step ladder

If your step ladder is made of wood, you can opt to swap it out into metal rungs. This offers a more fun playing experience to your kids and his or her playmates.

  1. Add a gang plank ramp

A gang plank ramp proves to be an amazing finishing touch on the outdoor swing set, especially for those kids who are into running. It is made of the wooden ramp. The two ropes run up to the side for additional support. Usually, gang plank ramp leads from the rubber or grass mulch play area until the clubhouse.

  1. Add extra toys

For a more impressive swing set, why not add extra toys into it, let’s say some gadgets? Your kids will definitely love the idea. Some of the favorites are steering wheel, telephone, telescope and ship’s wheel. Don’t forget to add safe and affordable child play sets too to spice up their playtime!

Consider these tips in adjusting your child’s swing set for added entertainment. These will also make a destination for his imagination – all while developing developmental and social skills! It all starts right from the time that you push your kiddo in a swing, you triggered a good parent-child interaction which you can’t found anywhere else.