5 things to look for when hiring your next chef

A good restaurant needs a good chef; however, hiring one is not always easy. Just like every business, a restaurant needs a chef who meets its needs in every way and delivers an end product that sells well. A chef also needs to maintain a restaurant’s reputation and have a keen interest in all the factors that make an establishment tick.

Good cooking skills

This may sound like a given, but a chef needs to have good cooking skills at all times. They also need to be versatile and not just specialise in one type of cuisine, unless this is what your restaurant offers. Before hiring a chef, ask them to make several different dishes and ensure they can create food that is both well-presented and delicious.


Consistency is the hallmark of any decent restaurant, and a good chef should be able to replicate the same dish flawlessly over and over again. The world’s top chefs can do exactly this, which is part of what makes them so sought after. Being able to create the same dish over and over again with no differentiation is crucial, so you should always put this to the test when hiring a chef.


A chef should not only cook well but also be budget-minded and know how to control stock volumes. They must know when the colds rooms are running low; in addition, they must know that specialists such as Fridge Freezer Direct stock cold rooms when they need to be replaced. They should be able to work out food costings, determine how to reduce costs, and know how to stick to a budget. They should also know how to share this information accurately, how to ensure that stock in cold rooms never runs out, and that food remains in a rotation system.


Unless you are looking for someone fresh out of culinary school, experience is essential. Always check a chef’s experience and see whether they have spent enough time in the industry or may still be learning the ropes.


A chef is the driving force in the kitchen and should have good leadership skills. They are in a position of authority and should be respected for the way they lead their team, from prep to clean-up.