5 Reasons why wooden bed designs should be your first choice

There is absolutely no part of the house that does not look really classy and rich with wooden furniture. be it tables or chairs, beds or shelves, cupboards or even ornaments, the rich warm comfort and beauty of wood cannot be overstated. Wood is a unique amalgamation of unrivalled structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. It is something no other material can afford. And hence here are 5 reasons why you wooden bed designs should always be our first choice.

  1. Strength and durability: Wood is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also long lasting. It is a robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone who has longevity in mind while buying a bed. Hardwood (Eg; Blackwood and Australian oak) and softwood (Eg; hoop pine and celery top pine), both promise innate reliability and stability.

Moreover, the durability ensures great resell value and can fetch you good price no matter how old your piece of furniture is.Wooden beds, due to their durability, also have low maintenance because oiling, polishing and waxing needs to be done occasionally and it is not a pricy process either.

  1. Aesthetics: As already mentioned above, wood can bring a certain charm and dignity to any part of the house. The bedroom is no different. It may be light coloured or have dark hues, when crafted by a skilled artisan, your bed will definitely feel regal. Moreover, there are countless designs that can be curved into it to further the aesthetic appeal.

Wood creates a sense of the natural world, inside your house. If you live in a city, it is only natural that you may yearn for a sense of nature in your home. What better wa to achieve this than wood? Wooden furniture can very easily bring warmth to an environment otherwise sterile.

wooden bed designs

  1. Versatility:Wooden furniture looks fascinating in almost every setting, unlike other material. Be it modern or vintage, traditional or rustic, wooden furniture never disappoints and it is no different for wooden bed designs. Be it just the head board or the entire frame, it won’t fail to transform your bedroom into your dream bedroom.
  2. Variety:Wood has a vast range of tones and colours with noticeable, though subtle differences in the texture and grains. Moreover, every craftsman offers different designs and slants both influenced by your and their tastes and the type of wood.

There is hardly any uniformity when it comes to wooden furniture and a great scope for you to get creative.

  1. Sustainability:Wood represents a very good option for sustainable material when responsibly sourced and certified. Thus it can be said that wood is an ecologically friendly way of decorating your home. It is the only renewable building material with trees which are being harvested for material being replenished b new growths. The carbon footprint is also lower than any other material. About 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon and wood can also store carbon. This is extremely important especially today in our fight against climate change.

With all these benefits listed for your convenience, hopefully your bed purchase will be made easier.