5 Reasons To Give Crystal Awards To Exceptional Employees

Just like in school, the corporate world has a habit of recognizing people who did exceptional work that helped a company’s expansion, brought a lot of opportunities for growth, or saved the company from complete and utter destruction. These exceptional talents are what makes the competition harder, improving the standards, and making products or services better than before. Everyone wants recognition, but a few deserve the highest recognition in their fields.

When it comes to recognition, it is one of the most respectable moves by an employer or a manager to give a very deserving person an award for the job well done. Awards don’t only give a physical symbol of recognition for their efforts, it also reminds the awardee of how his or her hard work impacted the company in a good way.

There are three different kinds of awards plaques based on materials that are suited for different kinds of achievements. Acrylic awards, glass awards, and crystal awards have their own time to shine.

Different Types Of Awards

  1. Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are the cheapest in the bunch when it comes to materials used. It is perfect for academic achievements and simpler awards in the office. Although acrylic awards are shockproof and are the most durable in the class, it is also less delicate, lighter, and is easier to scratch.

  1. Glass Awards

What makes the glass award superior to the acrylic awards is its aesthetic, more delicate design and the value that is added in when the glamour is accounted. Glass awards are not shockproof, but they are heavier and more delightful to the eyes. These are often used for more distinguishable corporate achievements. One example is when an employee brought a great improvement in the performance efficiency of a certain department.

Glass awards are more expensive than acrylic awards because of the engraving process as well as the 3D designs. The concept of glass awards is relatively new. But because it gives a better impression than wood or metal, the trend for glass awards is rising these days. Beware of glass awards that are being sold as crystal awards.

  1. Crystal Awards

Crystal awards are regarded as the high-end or premier award material in the bunch. These awards are of high quality and are made of crystal, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and valuable monetarily. Crystal awards are the most expensive one to create (because of the processing of crystals) and are only given to truly exceptional individuals who managed to make a great change in the company, industry, or the world.

The Five Ultimate Reasons To Give Crystal Awards To Exceptional Talents

  1. Crystal Symbolizes Excellence

Crystals are “rare” in nature, which symbolizes that a person’s excellence is one of a kind. Not everyone can do what the awardee has done. Crystal is one way to symbolize excellence.

  1. Motivation To Work Harder

Who wouldn’t want to work harder after being recognized and given a crystal award? When a crystal award is given to a department, it boosts the morale of the team and makes them work harder and achieve more. This is also true for individuals who are given recognition for their individual efforts.

  1. It Serves As A Recognition And A Monetary Property

Because of the premium materials that make the crystal awards, it holds a monetary value which the receiver can use when financial matters are hard to handle. In addition, it serves as recognition for both his or her excellence as well as his or her hard work.

  1. A Very Genuine Way To Say “Thank You”

Giving a crystal gift, especially a personalized one, is one of the most thoughtful gestures of saying thank you. It takes a lot of phases, as well as resources, to make a single crystal award. Giving one just to say thank you is considered by a lot of people to be a show of pure intentions.

  1. Make Great Talents Stay In The Company

Giving valuable gifts is also a great way to make talented people stay in the company. If they feel that their efforts are being valued and appreciated, they will more likely to stay in that organization. If their growth is being prioritized, there would be more reasons for them to stay and contribute to the betterment of the company.