5 Reasons the Latest In-Car Infotainment Systems Should Be Discouraged

The modern-day cars are now all equipped with more and more advanced sets of infotainment system. The system displays the navigation and other useful information at the press of a button, while many of them are integrated with smartphone technologies like Android Auto and Apple Car Play. But as we know each blessing will bring about it its own curse. But like every new system, it has got its own set of pros and cons. While the pros do help the driver in many ways, the cons are much more overwhelming than the pros.

Here we have collected the reasons from the Columbia Ford dealership, why safety experts have started discouraging the in-car infotainment system.

  1. Distracting the Driver

Even though the infotainment screens are made to help the drivers in every possible way, in reality it is causing more of a hindrance than help. To make good use of the infotainment system, the driver is compelled to look at the screen in quick intervals. This is distracting the focus of the driver from the road, and it is simply dangerous. While driving what is most important for the driver is being constantly aware of the surrounding and keep taking the most sensible split-second decisions to avoid all possible hazards and crashes. But because of the infotainment system, the attention of the driver is getting divided into many. He is getting more engrossed in the operation of this new gadget than looking at the road. This is a kind of distraction, no driver is able to overcome, and the result is much more dangerous than not finding out the quickest route to your destination or knowing how much fuel efficient your car is.

Columbia Ford

  1. Optical Illusion

Driving needs a clear vision of the road lying ahead.  The high-resolution display screens have a light of their own that can constantly attract your eyes, even if you don’t want to look at it. The placing of the infotainment system in any car is such, so that the driver can see it even while driving. And that is where the danger lies. The eyes of the driver are constantly disturbed by the light of the infotainment system, the movement in the screen and the colors that are displayed. This creates a chance of optical illusion in the driver’s eyes. The driver without his knowledge might suffer from the negative image syndrome, where he can see negative shadows of the screen, wherever his eyes will move, and that would make his driving difficult in every way.

  1. Not so Entertaining

When we go for a drive, we like to enjoy the outside world that keeps moving. The beauty of the open roads, the passing glimpses of natural tree lines and the sky detoxify our nerves and soothe down our senses. We go out, because we want a break from our monotonous everyday routine, in which smartphones and other gadgets are taking their toll on us. The Columbia Ford experts say that an in-car infotainment system providing digital entertainment snatches away that scope of staying entertained by nature and nags us with the same sort of digital entertainment which doesn’t feel that entertaining every time.